We must strengthen the justice system

We must strengthen the justice system

Dear Editor,

Given the high levels of violence currently in the country it is important that we as a nation relook at our approach to law enforcement and the acceptance of deportees within our borders. The current correctional and monitoring system in place for those with a criminal history has proven itself to be insufficient at controlling and preventing the reoccurrence of crime.

The risk of proceeding with the elimination of the deportee return programme may result in visa issuance restrictions. However, the safety of our citizens should be of immediate utmost importance. Overtime as our justice system develops and law and order is restored, then we should pursue a joint programme with those nations that insist on us having a deportee acceptance immigration policy. It would help in the interim to ensure a productive discussion is held with the ambassadors of these foreign countries. This will ensure that our governments have a clear mutual understanding of the difficulties faced on either side and also help our governments identify the opportunities for future joint development.

Our nation has limited resources and any help the governments of our allies could provide to ensure our justice department is better prepared, while also improving law and order within our borders, would be immensely appreciated. This my friends is to our mutual benefit.

Best regards,
Mr. Jamil Changlee
The Cooperative Republicans of Guyana

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