We must stop APNU’s ineptitude on March 2

We must stop APNU’s ineptitude on March 2

Dear Editor,
As elections come upon us on March 2, 2020, I would like to put into perspective what we are voting for and why. We can all agree that we are making a choice that will resonate not only in this time and space but will create a tremendous ripple effect on many levels in the future at different times and spaces and in all factors of our lives.

Your vote will be the most pragmatic decision you will ever have to make since 1992 and for the next generation. Guyana is at a crossroads where we either fall off the cliff into oblivion or we rise to success. It is my firm belief that the PPP/C will take us to success while a vote for APNU is a vote that will take us closer to assured disaster.
We are already seeing the level of destruction APNU have created in five short years and one can only imagine how worse it will get if they are to miraculously win these elections. The only good that came out of this APNU Government is that it opened our eyes to what incompetence looks like and made us affirm our confidence that the PPP/C is the only logical choice for Guyana.

To understand how APNU operates, you need to understand their mindset and the way decisions are made. We don’t have to look far as we saw several decisions over the past four-plus years. APNU operates within a prism of revenge, elitist self-centeredness, corruption and incompetence. This resulted in a Government that demonstrated an unprecedented high level of irrational thinking, arrogance and bullish behaviours.

They have a very low sense of value and patriotism for Guyana as we saw with the give away of over $55 billion in the oil deal. They, however, have a high standard only for themselves as we saw with the salary increases and allowances they gave themselves within the first ninety days in office that equalled to over 100 per cent and continue to do so. Any Government that fills their pockets before even taking a proper seat in their offices is a sure sign that they must be voted out.
In the health sector, they drastically destroyed the medicines supply chain by vengefully removing competent suppliers, which created a ripple effect in the system. This resulted in continuous shortages up to this day. They spent the same amount of money on medicines as the PPP/C’s twenty-three years in just five short years and people still do not have drugs.

APNU is a reactionary Government and never operated from the position of or interest in the people. Instead, their modus operandi was geared to taking revenge on the PPP/C and bankrupting the country with their cronies and family. They have treated their own supporters with contempt and disdain as they ignored their plight by increasing taxes, took away lands and restricted affordability to transport by implementing the eight-year max on imports.

Because of APNU’s inept management, Guyana has fallen apart in all ten regions, across all demographics and political affiliations. The rice farmers were abandoned just after they voted, the sick are paying for medications they should be getting for free, the sugar workers are below the bread line, our bank accounts are empty and other sectors that affect our average working force.

We are no longer a people that should settle for mediocrity and for APNU this is commonplace. Guyanese deserve better, we need our pride and dignity back. Now is the time for us to rise to the level of a developed country and only the PPP/C can take us there.

Malcolm Watkins

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