We must stand up against wickedness and lawlessness

We must stand up against wickedness and lawlessness

Dear Editor,

The Guyana Public Service Union in a recent media release called for the General and Regional Elections of March 2, 2020 to be negated based on their observed irregularities.
Perhaps the union was in a delusional state to think that any information it issued would be accepted as credible. As the only observer that saw what no one else observed, might I ask what credible and scientific analysis did the union undertake to come to its conclusion that voter irregularities took place.

Was it the erratic intermittent calls by the coalition representatives while the recount was being undertaken or did they conduct an investigation of those claims to arrive at that conclusion? Or was it the Chief Immigration Officer’s claim that the list of 172 persons were out of the country and which he stated, as reported in the media, may have returned “back track” and voted. Did the observers of the union check to verify if those listed had voted, etc? As a matter of fact several of those persons were in Guyana and some even mentioned that they never held a passport nor have they ever travelled. A pertinent factor in proper industrial relations and grievance handling procedures is investigating and producing evidence, facts, to substantiate claims; not willy nilly hollering.

Wasn’t the union ‘observing’ when the Mingo fiasco took place, when he, like a magician pulled fictitious numbers out of a hat and presented them as credible?
Where were the union’s observers when the coalition cabal were making mischief at the Ashmin’s building? It was all over the press yet the union issued a statement and blamed the PPP. Is this cronyism?

The recount was undertaken due to the inaccuracy of the tabulation process by the Returning Officer of District 4; there was no question of validity of votes. Space does not permit to explore the illogical and nonsensical claims which the GPSU presented as facts, but mere allegations since it was not stated what investigation was conducted, a situation similar to that of the Coalition. GECOM has already stated its investigative inability in this matter – that it should be taken to an elections court.

The GPSU’s own controversial 2017 elections resulted in the entire membership of GGMC, among others, to leave the union, as reported in the media headlined “Counting of GPSU’s votes drags on, raising concerns about voter fraud” – Demerara Waves of April 28, 2017.

The Caribbean Public Service Association and the Public Services International may have considered the current elections fiasco here in Guyana and the derailment of democracy since these organisations stand for fairness, justice and respect the democratic process, the fundamental bedrock of society. The international community, called for respect for the electoral process and the declaration of the recount results which was adopted at the recent OAS general meeting that democracy must prevail, failing which sanctions would be instituted against those who seek to aid and abet the manipulative authors of fraudulent and rigged elections. Several media houses reported on the impending sanctions, which process may have already begun by the US State Department.

The GPSU was non-existence when the coalition was in power, many cries and wailings could be heard of un-kept promises. It speaks of disappointment and neglect. The union failed to understand one principle of politicians, that they would say anything to get into power. Is the Sports Complex a reflection of unanimous decision-making and powerful utterances?

Guyanese must not allow fraudulent crooks to pervert the rule of law and subvert the course of justice to prevail. It is suggested that in terms of clarification and enlightenment that the Caribbean Court of Justice’s decision on the Eslyn David case and the recent Chief Justice ruling on Misenga Jones case be read. Many of the issues that the union seeks to put forward as reasons for annulment has been dismissed by the court of law, the competent authority to determine such matters.

I wish to advise the GPSU that the Constitution stipulates that such instances that were propelled to the public as irregularities, a procedure exists to enquire into after a declaration is made. The declaration is inevitable. Provide that information to the APNU+AFC to support their elections petition case. With every good wish I encourage that you proceed along this path rather than the recommendations that the elections be negated. In a matter of such national importance, the union must not be seen as an abdicator of social justice, of democracy and in collusion to disenfranchise voters and derail democracy.

The union’s exaggerated statement is full of ludicrous and outrageous speculations; speculations because NO INVESTIGATIONS were conducted to ascertain that they are credible, since this is a stringent exercise that has to be conducted by an elections court, where investigation and evidence must be produced to substantiate claims. This process has not commenced as yet. We as Guyanese have to be careful when making public utterances since our country is already destabilize and hanging on a fragile race relations system. We must stand up against wickedness and lawlessness, less we all be consumed also.

M. Persaud

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