We must put the elections in perspective

We must put the elections in perspective

Dear Editor,

Guyana has suffered its first 2020 election death because our leaders failed us.  Some may choose to debate this statement and cast blame, but the fact remains — one of our sons died because restraint and refusal to follow the rules were not encouraged.  Instead of continuing down this road, we must put the elections in perspective.

The main parties (PPP/C and the Coalition) have won the majority of the votes, and they will be the government of Guyana.  Regardless of who gets the presidency, Ali or Granger, we must have only one government for all of Guyana.  We will have a parliament, and all the members will all be from the PPP/C and the Coalition.   This snafu recount should not prevent us from seeing our future with a single government that includes both the PPP/C and the Coalition.

During the United States’ 2000 elections, the court resolved the question of Florida’s votes (one of its states/regions), and Gore graciously accepted the court’s ruling that gave Bush the presidency.  Hilary Clinton, in 2016, received the popular vote (majority votes), but Trump received the needed electoral votes and became president.  The rules must be followed even though they go contrary to our desires and expectations.

The business of government is awaiting these two winning parties — the PPP/C and the Coalition.  It is time each of these parties adjusts its vision of being the opposition and focus on being one government of Guyana for our entire nation.  If they choose to be opponents and divisive in their governance, how will we properly negotiate, monitor and utilize the dividends from Foreign Direct Investments?  We must not be rabid animals that fight each other for the morsel or millions that truly belongs to Guyana and its people.  We, for the sake of our country, people and future generations, must work together by embracing the better angels of our nature.

Yours faithfully,

Stanley Niamatali

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