We must be unified to get the best benefits from oil

We must be unified to get the best benefits from oil

Dear Editor,

This is my personal call for every Guyanese and all of Guyana to join hearts and hands in a unified bloc on our oil. To get the best benefits from it and to secure what is rightly due to us, please listen.

I call upon our leaders in government first to set the standard and lead the way. This, of vital necessity, must include President Dr. Irfaan Ali, Vice President Jagdeo, Prime Minister and Ret’d Brigadier Phillips, and Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat, to be in the forefront of the charge to get the best for us on our oil. Bring back former President and Prime Minister, Sam Hinds, to lend voice and presence in what is a national undertaking. Similarly, I call upon former President Granger, former minister of the sector, Raphael Trotman, and others from the opposition to walk hand in hand and side by side with government leaders in a prominent display of unity regarding our oil. On our oil, there can be no partisanship, no division, none of the deep-seated rancor from our elections’ wounds or history. Exxon loved that.

For these reasons and more, I reach out in appeal to all religious leaders, including Roman Catholic (my own), the wider Christian community, and Hindu, and Muslim, and all the rest of believers from other streams, even nonbelievers. This oil wealth of ours is the gift of divine providence. Let us represent it, advocate for it, fight for it, and live for it. If we have to starve for it, then let it be. If we must die for it, then we must.

This is what the publisher and people of Kaieteur News have done without letup, without concern for costs or the kind consideration of those who stand in disagreement and objection. KN has led the way. President Ali and his inner councils should observe, listen, and follow this example. All Guyana, inclusive of public and private sectors, literate and unschooled citizens, home-based and diaspora members, prisoners and freemen must rise o the occasion, answer the challenge that comes with our oil ownership. This is a trust. A sacred trust to be treasured and held close.

Nothing must come between on our oil. No forces, no matter how powerful and well-resourced, should be allowed to stand against our people and their interests, our willingness to struggle with every breath, and raise every muscle to get what rightly belongs to us, for what should be coming to us. It is a fair share. It is an authentic partnership. It is of the honest and progressive terms with which we could live comfortably and proudly. Exxon, hear us!

There can be no disunity and division on this oil. If we insist on being the same way and walking the same old pathways, then there is the high probability that our oil riches will mean more poverties in pocket and spirit. We cannot afford disunity now. We must be together on this oil, if on nothing else. It is better to be rich and prosperous bigots and fools than to be a poor and dismal mass of humanity that wasted the national bounties because of individual and collective stupidities.

It must be togetherness at all levels. It must be holding one head with one vision towards one oil objective: what is best for us. I think we can do so. I believe that we have it in us to rise to the occasion, by recognizing the dangers, and committing to doing our part. We can be a force to reckoned with; a presence to be regarded with respect and apprehension as to our potentials; a tower of strength that stands before all comers from all quarters. I know firsthand what Guyanese have gone through. I am familiar with what Guyanese have achieved under the sternest of tests and duress here and everywhere that we have graced with our energies.

I say we can get more for our oil. I strongly believe that we can put our differences behind us, for a long moment, if only to get to the land promised by our oil. We cannot fail each other now. Together we must be. By all. Unified we should be, if we are to succeed with our oil. By all, with all, for all.

Yours truly,
G.H.K Lall

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