We condemn these scurrilous attacks on the GECOM Chair

We condemn these scurrilous attacks on the GECOM Chair

Dear Editor,

It seems to have become the norm that individuals and organizations that take actions or make statements which appear to be averse to the rigging agenda are subject to various kinds of attacks.

Recently, the vilest attacks have been directed towards Justice Claudette Singh, Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission, presumably for the firm stance she has taken in rejecting the fraudulent reports presented and insisting that only the recount figures be presented to the Commission for the purposes of a declaration of final elections results.

While Commissioners may not always agree with the Chairman, she has always discharged her duties with professionalism, fairness and impartiality, and in keeping with the tenets of the Constitution and other legal provisions.

We unreservedly condemn these scurrilous attacks on the Chairman and call upon those engaged in such conduct, including senior members of the APNU+AFC, a contestant in these elections, to cease and desist from so doing.

Yours faithfully,

Sase Gunraj

Robeson Benn

Bibi Shadick

Commissioners GECOM

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