Vital that Guyana does not return to the turbulent times

Vital that Guyana does not return to the turbulent times

Dear Editor,

In this unsettling and turbulent time in Guyana, we are witnessing  a terrible conflict that we have never seen before in our history, and with the greatest of care,  this must be resolved as quickly as possible for the safety, security and well-being of all Guyanese.

We hear the voices of many  – some political and  non-political – whose opinions are all very important to young people gaining a greater understanding of Guyana’s journey  –   from imperial rule to a sovereign nation and to the current political turmoil.

We have come a long way as a nation.  It is good for some of us to narrate the history of the passages of time and the seas we have sailed, including from Independence in 1966, Republic in 1970 and the ongoing years of Constitutional reforms.  It is good to also admit that Guyana suffered terribly under rigged elections for decades until 1992 when it was proud to tell the world it achieved fair and free elections through democratic means.

It is vital that Guyana does not return to the turbulent times of raising havoc and violence in the lives of the people.  There are elements in this election that threaten a return to the 1960s,  experiences which influenced many Guyanese to migrate to the UK, USA, Canada and elsewhere, with a continuous outflow in the 1970s and 1980s .  Many of these Guyanese who are still living and some of their children who are born outside of Guyana are proud to tell their friends and colleagues they come from Guyana.  It is so vital that we must move forward and do not allow a repeat of any threatening experience on the lives of our Guyanese brothers and sisters.

The children and youths who are living in Guyana in this age do not care about the past, do not hold any animosity about the past.  They want a better life, seek education and jobs, and deserve to know that they have principled leaders who are helping to shape their future.

All Guyanese must be reassured that Guyana adheres to the rule of law, human rights and commitment to the free expression of the will of the voters.

It is with great hope that, once this election turmoil is resolved in a transparent way, colleagues, friends and neighbours will continue to honour, care of each other, and celebrate their diversity of cultures, while bringing their communities together to unite as one people with shared experiences.

Praying for Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Janet Naidu

A Guyanese Canadian

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