Urgent attention must be given to our sea defences

Urgent attention must be given to our sea defences

Dear Editor,

I have been observing the drastic changes in weather patterns throughout the world over some time now, and noticed the vast and, sometimes catastrophic damages they have been causing in developed and developing countries. Special attention must be given to the Atlantic Hurricanes. They have been trekking closer and closer to Guyana and some of our close neighbours. Some of the outer bands from these systems have affected Guyana’s weather during this present hurricane season. Our seawalls proved to be too low and weak for enormous wave activities produced by these outer bands, resulting in flooding in some areas along the coastline. I’m afraid that we might not be in a state of readiness for the potential strike of, at minimum, a tropical storm. Urgent attention must be given to our sea defences, through strengthening and improving just in case these storms inch even closer, or God forbid, make landfall.

This year’s hurricane season has already shattered previous records in terms of named storms amongst others. Our building codes must be followed, and in some cases, also be updated to accommodate the likelihood of such events. I wish to also implore the government to immediately set up a National Emergency Management Agency/ Unit, staffed with professionals to complement the CDC and the Meteorology office. Together, they will be responsible for issuing alerts, watches and warnings, and spearheading any recovery efforts. The Atlantic Hurricane Season starts on June 1st every year and lasts for six months, or until November 30th. Remember, “failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.”

Yours truly,
Deavindra Jagroo

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