Under Siege

Under Siege

Dear Editor,
Yesterday, Khemraj Ramjattan and Cathy Hughes accused Russians of interference in the elections, and suggested my involvement. In fact, it was said that I was sighted at the Marriott today with the Russians.
I returned to the US on Tuesday, three days ago; I am not in Guyana, to suggest otherwise is an outright lie.
I have not met any Russians during my last visit to Guyana.

It is incredible that former Ministers and this illegal Government seem happy to fabricate information without facts, hiding behind so-called “security issues” and made-up statements that are blatant lies. It is time that this abuse of power stops.
APNU now has Guyana under siege. The happenings today in this small, recently oil rich country are the type of story that would make a Tom Clancy thriller. Today’s events will provide fertile material for such. Other than the fiction that APNU won the elections (they lost by 18K votes), the rest is the harsh reality of an APNU-led dictatorship. And the saga unfolds.

I can only conclude that APNU personnel are clutching at straws. They have lost the 2020 elections, and now seem intent on subterfuge.

Winston Brassington

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