UN Secretary-General’s message should be regarded as a final warning to APNU/AFC

UN Secretary-General’s message should be regarded as a final warning to APNU/AFC

Dear Editor,
Guyanese would recall Prime Minister of Trinidad, Dr Keith Rowley, stating that “this will not end well” when he returned to Trinidad and refused to send another representative to observe the election recount.
New CARICOM Chairman Dr Ralph Gonsalves referred to the de facto Mr “G” as a “sanctimonious gangster.” Exactly what Guyana predicted occurred. The latest corruption erupted from the caretaker Attorney General’s office itself deliberately misleading GECOM officers with illegal ramifications and misinterpretations of the law, thereby pushing his own party members to be involved with illegitimate activities and taking them down the road of criminal incrimination.

As a result, GECOM CEO Keith Lowenfield once again failed to submit his report to the Chair at GECOM’s meeting yesterday. Instead, this misguidance has led CEO Lowenfield to submit a letter to the Commission, seeking “clarification” on the Madam Chair’s directives as per her letter to him on July 8th, requesting him to use the figures from the election recount pursuant to Article 177(2)(b) of the Constitution and Section 96 of the Representation of the People’s Act.

He needs the Chair to provide guidance, citing Section 96 (1) of ROPA 1:03. His insinuation is his zealous attempt to portray contradiction, purporting that the Madam Chair’s procedure is flawed with the practice of the submission of the elections report. This is the level the APNU/AFC has reached, a nursery student trying to degrade the headmistress of the school!

This is another assault on the election process; a low blow; another ambush of the electorate; a sleaze ball; another assault on the intelligence of Guyanese; merciless, deplorable and unforgivable.
Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde and his cabal of cantankerous ruffians continue to wreak havoc on the election process and on the lives of Guyanese. They have mustered, salted and peppered their nefarious agenda with a worse diabolical propaganda programme that keeps spitting out slanderous attacks that are so vehement and devious in nature, using the state machinery assets, including the newspapers, radios and television programmes, the Police and army, the Government agencies and offices, Government employees, state vehicles and state finances.

First, APNU/AFC disregarded and discarded the Constitution of Guyana, besmirched all the Opposition parties, then fooled and deceived their own supporters. Then they lied to the Guyanese public at large, dictated the manipulation and control of the security and armed forces, and masqueraded in the streets with vile and foul behaviour. Following that came the vulgar display on all the stakeholders; members of the diplomatic corps were awfully and undiplomatically embarrassed.

Then they truncated the Carter Center Team under false and deceitful flimsiness: the atrocious, abominable, perverse and fraudulent manipulation of the election count and recount; the odious and fervent refusal to acquiesce the juggling of the counts and recounts; the obnoxious and fanatical denial of the legitimate recount result; the reprehensible and contemptible acceptability of fraudulent misdemeanors; the fiendish, horrendous and vicious attacks on the national and international communities; the undisguised and unabashed jamoon picking of excerpts from the CARICOM and OAS recount reports; wicked and flagrant assaults on the judges from the CCJ; and the veracious and contradictory reactions to the CCJ’s decisions.

Being careless, ruthless and heartless, they have not spared the honourable Madam Chair, Justice Claudette Singh. Yesterday, aspersions were smeared on her character, purporting a phone call between her and a GECOM staffer. This is not only mischief, but is another attempt at coercion and intimidation.
In February 1966, HRH Queen Elizabeth 11, Prince Phillip and their royal party paid a short but significant visit to Guyana, arriving on the Royal Yacht Britannia.

Also of memory, Guyana gained her independence in the same year on 26th May. A favourite ringtone is Ennio Morricone’s musical score from the famous Western movie “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, released on Dec. 23, 1966 and starring Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach and Lee Van Cleef.

It is of some semblance that the de facto stand-in Mr “G” made mention of “bad” elements in our society during his unmasked (barefaced) speech last Wednesday. He spoke an iota of uncomfortable truth for once, but not without bobbing and weaving in Cassius Clay’s style, entangling himself in a web and being lost in a maze. He finally spurted out that the election matter is being referred back to GECOM.

APNU/AFC party would prefer to remember the evil and devious Mr. “G” and Mr. “H” as the “good” guys who came to the rescue, defence and protection of two crooks and scamps, Mr. “M” and MR. “L”, the “bad” guys, and the honest and decent CARICOM Team as the “ugly” guys who called out the “good and bad” guys for lying and cheating!
Such is life for “The Untouchables” and their “Godfather.” But let’s get one thing straight, and lay it on the table so that all can digest, regardless of caste, creed or colour; gender, political affiliation or not; local or international stakeholder: there was fraud, massive fraud in Guyana’s elections, and it was perpetrated by no other than the one and only…APNU/AFC Party. Yes, put that in your pipe, huff and puff on it for the rest of your life. There is no fact to alter that uncomfortable truth, and that is “the truth and the only truth, so help me God,” signed, sealed and delivered by CARICOM and OAS, a household name trusted by both sides of the fence.

Everyone in Guyana, CARICOM, and the rest of the world knows the truth, and they know that the APNU/AFC knows that truth; and the world knows that the APNU/AFC knows that they know that APNU/AFC knows that hurtful but sole truth. End of movie, end of story. It is time to move on to the next step.

Make no mistake, fellow Guyanese, this cabal is playing all its cards correctly. Their sinister plan is to ensure that they remain in power by any means whatsoever, and they intend to accept all the challenges from anyone, local or international. They have openly forewarned every one of their intentions (war break), and they know that they have all the necessary forces to support them all placed in all the strategic positions and being well equipped with aggressiveness.

The ringleaders are happily celebrating by chuckling to themselves, their foot soldiers are laughing uncontrollably; but the sympathizers to the Guyanese electorate are grieving and hurting. Yesterday, Guyana sulked, ashamed of the few sons of the soil who unreservedly continue to unleash the indignity of shame, disgrace, ignominy and degradation of this stigma, and contempt for simple Guyanese credibility. This ringleader has managed to forge another demeaning characteristic for sinking to the lowest level that there is no mercy left but to now let lose his dogs to rip the little bit of flesh Guyanese have remaining.

The cry for help and pleas cannot be louder than they currently are. There is no more energy left to utter a call for SOS. Is anyone out there listening, or is the plight of Guyanese lost in the land of wilderness? But the latest message from the United Nations Secretary General should be regarded as a final warning to the APNU/AFC Party and the de facto caretaker. But, then again, he is in hiding and would tell another a lie that he knows nothing about such a message. Guyana sulks in a limbo and awaits the next move.

Jai Lall

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