UN needs to act immediately, save Guyana

UN needs to act immediately, save Guyana

Dear Editor,
One would have thought that the Burnham dictatorship was an embarrassing blip in Guyana’s history, that we have gotten over that dark period and have moved into the light of the free world when democracy was restored in 1992, but unfortunately, history is making a second round. And so, I say make no mistake Granger is right up there, Burnham’s soulmate entrapped in his world as embodied with all his traits and wirings.

It is high time we call out Granger for what he is, for too long he has been hiding behind a curtain of deceptions, blatant lies and antics, projecting himself as a decent law-abiding leader. But for a large majority of Guyanese, including within his own ranks that do not get caught with his web of narratives, is fully aware that he is the intellectual author of the relentless dismantling of our hard-won democracy ever since the GECOM awarded the top prize of the 2015 elections to the APNU/AFC with him occupying the highest office of the land. Those of us old enough know the role he played in the seventies and eighties and the younger ones have experienced his dirty escapades as President for the last five years. A close look into Granger’s characteristic make-up fits him into the unmistakable category of an authoritarian dictator

Any political system that concentrates power in the hands of a leader or a small elite, similar to the present day squatters in Government, that are not constitutionally responsible to the wider body of the people is authoritarian. Authoritarian leaders exercise power indiscriminately and without regard to existing bodies of law, and they usually cannot be replaced by citizens choosing freely among various competitors in elections.

Authoritarian regimes are violently autocratic in nature and rule by the use of the security forces to inflict terror on persons standing up for democracy, eg the recent arrest and detention of Mr McIntosh. The doings of Granger and his cabal are consistent with the historical rule of authoritarian regimes like Burnham.

Guyana’s democracy is rapidly being eroded and taken over by the authoritarian dictator Granger and his authoritarian clique. The will of the people was exercised in their votes on the March 2, 2020 General and Regional Elections but to date, GECOM, as evidently orchestrated by PNC kingpins within the constitutional body, vehemently refuses to conclude a proper tabulation of the votes and declare the winner. Instead, Granger, his cabal and GECOM have employed similar manoeuvres of delaying tactics meted out to the successful passing of the No-Confidence Motion against his Government on November 18, 2018.

Granger has consistently trampled on our Constitution, having total disregard for Guyana’s laws. This man is so mentally distracted that in his few public speeches he stoned-facedly looked away and repeated his narrative like a recurring decimal that he has always upheld the Constitution and acted within the laws. What a pathological liar he is.

The world over knows the truth. Granger is a monumental disaster to present-day civilised society.
It is incumbent upon the free world to act swiftly to rid Guyana of the scourge of the authoritarian dictator Granger and his authoritarian regime. Bring on the sanctions now. Start with the APNU/AFC leadership and their players in the GECOM. The UN needs to act immediately and save Guyana.

Parasram Persaud

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