Truth always triumphs over lies, and good will overcome evil

Truth always triumphs over lies, and good will overcome evil

Dear Editor,
About three weeks ago, the APNU+AFC Prime Ministerial Candidate, Khemraj Ramjattan, told his Public Security Ministry’s staff that he had conceded defeat to the March 2nd 2020 elections.
The same week he was on the ruling APNU+AFC’s bandwagon trying to block the official declaration of the new President of Guyana, Dr. Irfaan Ali.

Every day, it would seem, Ramjattan comes up with a tale. One such story told a long time ago was that he had provided security for the endangered politician Charrandas Persaud to Timehri Airport when the man actually left Guyana from Ogle Airport.

Then he said he had captured two Russians and deported them, but a third escaped.
Ramjattan also appeared on Trinidad’s CCN TV 6 saying that PPP/C General Secretary, Bharrat Jagdeo, has been spreading racism. Wrong again!

Since 1964, former dictator, President Forbes Burnham, had used the tactic of “divide and rule.” This is what APNU+AFC’s President David Granger, Ramjattan and their cabal are now doing.
They are telling lies to incite civil unrest. The APNU+AFC, the PPP/C and GECOM participated in the electoral process which was observed by CARICOM and other international agencies.

Where was the opportunity for the Opposition parties to commit fraud? There was not even one chance to do it with a fake I.D. How can there be 285,000 bogus votes?
The facts and evidence are glaring that the Opposition PPP/C won the elections. Yet Ramjattan is mischievously peddling these outrageous lies. The other is that the PPP/C had rigged the elections.
Why is Ramjattan, Granger and their cabal holding a whole nation to ransom for four months, trying every trick to hijack the elections?

Shame on Ramjattan and his conspirators who are peddling fiction all the way to the courts to try to make it a reality.
Thank God for the intervention of the US Carter Center and other international observers.
The PPP/C will liberate all Guyanese from the bondage of dictatorship. Truth always triumphs over lies, and good will overcome evil.

Fatimah Mohammed

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