Time has run out for the elections fraudsters

Time has run out for the elections fraudsters

Dear Editor,

PNC-APNU-AFC-GECOM are united, do not fall for any anecdote that plays to a good cop, bad cop theme. You cannot reverse a fraud. Those responsible must go.

The intent of the fraudulent election process is to “don’t stop the dictatorship”. Time has run out for the usurpers as they try to place Guyana into a lockbox labelled “Forward Never, Backward Ever”.

The leading government-nominated commissioner Vincent Alexander who gave vocal and cheerleading support to the March Madness of Mingo, when Mingo on March 5, and March 13 of 2020 was making fraudulent declarations and/or having Statements of Polls (SOPs) read with bullet like speed; has now come up with a Humpty Dumpty gobbledygook statements as expressed in Stabroek News dated March 18, 2020 that: “The root cause is beyond our electoral system…We have serious problems with our plurality, the distrust and quest for power from different segments.” And then in typical Humpty Dumpty word fashioning, where the meaning of words are what Alexander chooses them to mean; Alexander said that the trust issue is way beyond GECOM.

When one tries to make sense of what Alexander said, you must accept that words do not have meanings beyond whatever meanings he ascribes to them. Re: “The root cause is beyond our electoral system.” Clearly our Electoral System requires ballots to be counted at the polling stations and the tally of the results have to be publicly displayed at the polling stations. It is a measure that took the biggest route for fraud out of our Electoral System. Now the winner of the elections is known within a few hours of the elections by GECOM, APNU+AFC, PPP/C and without doubt the leading western powers. The problem is not the Electoral System, the problems emanate from those GECOM fraudsters and their enablers from APNU+AFC that actively undermined the functioning of the Electoral System for the count and declaration of Region 4 results that has caused  Guyana’s March 2, 2020 General and Regional Elections to be mired in fraud and deception.

Alexander’s last sentence is so absurdly illogical that it is rendered meaningless, except to him; when he states: “We have serious problems with our plurality, the distrust and quest for power from different segments”. It is the purpose of the democratic system of elections in Guyana and elsewhere for the party that obtains a plurality/majority to be declared the winner. The quest for power from different segments is the purpose of democratic party politics. Political parties have to seek the plurality/majority by adhering to the law, not by engaging in fraud and using measures to thwart the electoral system.

Let us not forget the word “distrust” used by Alexander; is he advocating no checks and balances in the electoral system, no party scrutineers, no umpires or referees or that Guyanese/political parties must just trust each other without verification. Vincent Alexander seems to have his own dictionary, where his “words mean so many different things” in Humpty Dumpty language.

The indelible and multiple insults direct and indirect to the global community by leaders in GECOM and APNU+AFC, including CARICOM; Organization of American States; European Union; Commonwealth Secretariat; Carter Center; and their representatives – such as CARICOM Chairperson and Prime Minister of Barba-dos, Mia Mottley and other Caribbean Prime Ministers; US Ambassador, Sarah-Ann Lynch; EU Ambassador, Fernando Ponz Cantó, UK High Commissioner, Greg Quinn and Canadian High Commissioner, Lilian Chatterjee – will not end well for the leaders in GECOM and APNU+AFC who have actively participated in this disgraceful, shameless and fraudulent election process.

This view is well guided by the statement from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who at a press conference on March 17, 2020 said “It is important to note that the individuals who seek to benefit from electoral fraud and to form illegitimate governments, regimes, will be subject to a variety of serious consequences from the United States.”

The recent rulings and orders coming from our learned judges seem to me, to be rich in the use of loose and ambiguous language that more often than not, borders on unenforceability and serve to embolden the usurpers of Guyana’s democracy.

Yours faithfully,

Nigel Hinds

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