Time for international community to act against the riggers

Time for international community to act against the riggers

Dear Editor,

It is with much disappointment and chagrin that I, and countless other Guyanese (living in Guyana and in their new adopted countries around the world) view the goings on in their native ‘land of the free’. The old PNC stalwarts have not learned a thing about freedom and democracy since the unfortunate Burnham rigging days. If anything, it seems like the present rigging crew would like to relive those days with the hope that the rest of the world will turn a blind eye… fortunately, they can’t and would not.

The international community, as represented by so many honourable states and organisations has been keenly observing the madness that is taking place. With elections having been complete now for more than four months and still no declared winner, it’s obvious that the incumbent APNU/AFC has lost the election to the main opposition party (the PPP/C), as verified by a total recount of all ballots, but it seems like they do not intend to relinquish power.

It is also obvious that they have used every trick they could think of to thwart the will of the Guyanese electorate. The international community has seen through all of this… they stand by the Guyanese people for democracy in Guyana, and have indicated that they will not accept this bold barefaced attempt to steal the election.

I submit that it is now high time that the international community take some action now against those involved in the rigging, since not doing so can surely embolden other bad actors some of whom are already saying publicly that no action will be taken against anyone and have gone as far as painting the international community as toothless paper tigers.

The international community should recognise that those involved in the electoral fraud in Guyana are pushing ahead despite threats. It is well known who the bad actors are and I humbly suggest that taking action now will not only help to keep Guyana as a democratic nation but can also save lives.

Yours faithfully,

C. De Barros

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