This would have been seen as a comedy if it weren’t so important

This would have been seen as a comedy if it weren’t so important

Dear Editor,

Were it not of such importance for the health of our body-politic and the future of democracy in Guyana, the entire post-elections day fiasco would have been regarded as nothing short of a comedy fit for the silver screen.
As it turned out, three weeks after the elections were held, there is still no official declaration of results, which puts this election in a category unmatched in the history of elections in Guyana.

Even during the dark period of rigged elections, results never took this long. The blame has to be placed fully in the hands of the Guyana Elections Commission, which failed miserably to declare results for District Four in keeping with established protocols and in conformity with the law.

Enough has been written and said about the travesty that took place with respect to the District Four count by the Returning Officer. This could have been easily corrected had GECOM used its statutory powers to have the embattled Officer removed or have him announce the results in a fair and transparent process. Instead, it employed all manner of machinations to frustrate the count.

The country awaits the ruling of the Court regarding the legality and constitutionality of the recount. In the meantime, the world is watching on if not laughing at us that something as elementary as a count of a relatively small number of votes remains in a state of limbo.

Hydar Ally

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