This act is tantamount to tampering with elections

This act is tantamount to tampering with elections

Dear Editor,

The attempt to declare the 2020 Region 4 election results prematurely was not in “conformity” with the law, that is, “unlawful”. This was done under the aegis of GECOM.

Breaking the law in such a high profile national matter calls for serious reflection vis-a-vis the nation’s legal and moral standing. Petty criminals (e.g. possessing a tiny bit of ganja) serve jail term in Guyana. Crimes of misdemeanor, especially by public officers in high places, are also punishable.

The “unlawful” act of national importance is tantamount to tampering. Legal minds should engage their thinking on this. For my part, if allowed within the law, individuals who did engage in the “unlawful” acts should account for their deliberate actions; be charged, tried and, if found guilty, receive appropriate sentencing.

No one is above the law or should be immune to it. To use someone’s famous words, “this confounded nonsense must stop.”

Yours faithfully,


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