These traffic lights on East Coast have to be re-calibrated

These traffic lights on East Coast have to be re-calibrated

Dear Editor,

Recently, additional traffic lights were installed on the East Coast. Lights are now at:- Sheriff Street; Bel Air; Turkeyen; Ogle; Better Hope, Le Ressouvenir; L.B.I;  B.V;  Triumph;  Mon Repos and Lusignan.

The inconvenience this imposes on motorists is disgusting and infuriating. To compound the aggravation, the lights do not operate in tandem i.e.  East to West and North to South simultaneously, but rather, one at a time to the frustration of motorists.  This dilemma is also evident on the Railway Embankment.  I have travelled widely and have never encountered such lack of vision

On 2020-11-09 about 12:30pm, I was driving West on the Railway Embankment and had to stop at the traffic Lights at Bel Air.  There was a build-up of traffic and I had to wait until all the lights changed twice before proceeding. I observed  that there was a long line of Eastward bound traffic from Bel Air to Sheriff Street that had to remain immobile to facilitate only, the Westward bound traffic.  By what logic should this ordeal be allowed to continue?  The purpose of traffic lights is to regulate the flow of traffic but, in this case, it serves to impede. The architect of this absurdity  should be disciplined for ineptitude which has caused unnecessary discomfort to motorists.  It would be advisable that these lights be re-calibrated to eliminate the current inconvenience. Also, minor heed is being paid to the pedestrian crossings as motorists are often seen flouncing and not adhering to the signs. It is even considered dangerous to use  some of these pedestrian crossings hence, measures should be initiated to alleviate same.

Yours faithfully,

Maurice Rajkumar

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