There will be no change in the American foreign policy

There will be no change in the American foreign policy

Dear Editor,
The question is asked: What would the relationship be like between an incoming Democrat President in the United States of America and the present PPP/C Administration in Guyana?
This is one of the hottest topics being discussed right now; that is: How would the incoming Biden Administration view relations with the PPP/C? And would there be a change in the good friendship and cooperation that presently exists between the two countries?

These are cold hard facts that confront us. Besides, some hardliners within the Opposition camp are trumpeting the call for the immediate removal of the PPP/C Government and a reinstatement of the illegal PNC regime here. The first view held by the Opposition calls for an immediate cessation of friendly relations between the two governments and a possible overturning of the election results to facilitate the re-institution of an illegal Granger-led Coalition Government.

Now, this may seem a far stretch of the imagination, but history does show that A PPP-led Cheddi Jagan Government was indeed forcibly removed from office by a Democrat President of The United States of America. That Jagan-led Government was removed by President John F Kennedy in consultation with the British Colonial powers of the day under the guise that Jagan was a communist and that he was building a communist state in Guyana. The British would not have it, and neither would the Americans, which led to the ouster of the democratically elected government of the PPP.

So there is some truth to the story peddled by the PNC that a win by a democrat might somehow spell good luck for them again. But there are certain hurdles the would-be power-hungry PNC must surmount. In the first place the removal of Cheddi was the American’s Foreign Policy focus of the day, the British going along in tandem.
Clearly, with such political might aligned against him, Dr Jagan hadn’t the ghost of a chance by way of survival, so the inevitable did take place. However, the ushering in of the new era saw a new look at hemispheric affairs and a fresh approach to governments and governance in the Caribbean. The disgraceful history of the PNC in the rigging of elections became a glaring anomaly, something that was not going to be tolerated by the USA nor any of the other major power blocs in the world; something had to be done about it.

In this regard, free and fair elections and installation of legitimate regimes became the order of the day as the watchful eyes of the American Superpower took over. Once this was put in place, the PNC was history.
To make a drastic turnaround of this foreign policy issue would certainly spell doom for the Americans themselves, who are threatened by Trump’s madness in trying to overturn more than two hundred years of the history of democratic rule in the USA itself. It just wouldn’t happen. It means that, as a bastion of democracy, the Americans are not about throwing that away now.
So, I can safely tell my friends in the PNC camp that a change in administration in the USA does not necessarily mean a change in its foreign policy; that will not happen.

Neil Adams

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