The word ‘sanction’ is a threat to the Guyanese people

The word ‘sanction’ is a threat to the Guyanese people

Dear Editor,

I must express my concern on the recent chain of events. On the March 2, 2020, Guyanese flocked into the polling stations to take pride in their democracy. Many believe these elections are the most sensitive turning point of Guyana’s history, considering that which is at stake.
Consequently, results of 10-1 districts were published with full credibility and without any flaws. The deciding district, District number 4, naturally has been the most controversial and questionable yet. If we were to dive at this moment into what happened and what should have taken place, inks shall dry and papers may be torn apart without us reaching to a common ground.

What caught my attention, however, was the use of the word “sanctions”. I do not think many of my fellow brothers and sisters understand what this means. Flocks of helpless Venezuelans have whispered to us the horrific tales of their worst nightmares coming to life; a country with such military power and abundance of resources has been brought down to its knees. It is sadly factual that almost all of Guyana’s consumptions are imported and if Guyana was to be sanctioned, then, it will be the darkest spot in the history of Guyana, regardless of which political party happily takes the heavy burden of governance.

Moreover, the petty benefits of our oil that were promised to us, which, for some reason, are not as apparent as we had expected, will go to the ABCE countries as they shall smilingly usurp our oil without any returns, based on SANCTIONS. They will eventually leave us wandering in a blame-game, as to who has brought such woe upon us. The only silver lining then, would be a late unity among the political parties and boasting pressure on the presently pre-mature local industries. I see us far from that.

A simple enough solution to this entire notion of sanctions is to not utter a word on that, let alone campaign or scaremonger others about it! It will incur an irreparable hole in the ship, its mere existence in the media is a threat to the Guyanese people as a whole will cause all to sink, regardless of who’s steering.

Lastly, I must commend the International Observers for taking a strong stand on their observations and to not take any sides, but to disclose for us publicly, that which the mainstream parties would have suppressed. Let’s keep this “Guyana-World” relationship to this extent and this extent only, not any further. Not doing so shall result in a major breach in the sovereignty of Guyana, as it has in Venezuela, Syria, Iran, etc.
Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Ameed Aabi

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