The very freedom of Guyana is at stake, silence is not an option

The very freedom of Guyana is at stake, silence is not an option

Dear Editor,

All Guyanese, especially those in positions of authority, globally and locally, must speak up now, boldly and clearly, that the days of rigged elections are over. It has been 18 days since Elections 2020 and GECOM refuses to use a transparent and credible process to present Guyana with the outcome of said vote.

The Returning Officer (RO) for Region 4 (R4) bulldozed through a farcical process and presented fabricated results which were globally rejected. All observer missions have condemned the process as being non-transparent and incredibly compromised.

CARICOM was subsequently invited to assist in a national recount which never materialized. GECOM, through its vitiated staff, delayed, manufactured barriers, and dithered while a candidate of the incumbent APNU+AFC, unsurprisingly, approached the Court for injunctions to stop the recount. CARICOM subsequently left.

It is clear that any recount would unambiguously present to the world the illegalities that GECOM and members of the incumbent APNU+AFC administration attempted to perpetuate. Currently, the status of the actual Statements of Poll submitted to the RO for Region 4 is unknown. The only evidence of the people’s mandate is in the ballot boxes. These boxes must not be compromised.

Guyanese must not be subjected to an illegal government or made to compromise with a political entity that perpetuated fraud. This would be rewarding bullies and criminal behaviour.

It is clear that Mr. Mingo (RO for R4) cannot be a part of any recount process. It is also clear that many of GECOM’s staff were part of this fraudulent enterprise; they must be terminated forthwith. The entire house must be cleansed. These individuals have created an untenable situation in this country and their actions must attract criminal sanction.

The time to speak up is now. If the APNU+AFC (essentially PNC) is successful in this fraudulent endeavour, there is absolutely zero chance of future elections being free and fair. Independent election observers will be a relic of the past. Electoral democracy is at stake. The very freedom of Guyana is at stake.

Silence is not an option. A crescendo of voices must send shockwaves throughout the country, and the rank and file of the APNU+AFC and GECOM.  It must echo from the shores of the Atlantic to the mountain ranges of the Pakaraimas.

Yours faithfully,

Kowlasar Misir

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