The Urgent Revitalization of GuySuco!

The Urgent Revitalization of GuySuco!

Dear Editor,
It is time that all skilled, abled and knowledgeable people, independent of party affiliation, that can aid in the revitalization and turnaround of GuySuco start to get involved and help. If we are all serious about helping the worker, the recent graduate and building back the village economy that has been the back bone of our country for so many years, then it is time that we accelerate the process to making GuySuco a profitable and sustainable business. The level of urgency to do so has to be sustained and those on the sidelines who have the ability to get engaged in the process.

There are four fundamental objectives that should be pursued over the next five years:
1. Making the business financially independent & self sustaining while reducing the weighted average cost of capital and improving the debt structure
2. Increasing the margin of finished goods, value added products & services while growing the top line and diversifying the revenue streams
3. Reducing the cost structure and cost of goods & services while increasing capacity and improving operational efficiency & effectiveness
4. Building a sustainable resource base that provides a continuous source of skills & capabilities to sustain the business and its long term goals.

By implementing the strategy and the supporting strategic initiatives that support these 4 key goals we will effectively turnaround GuySuco within a five year time frame.
The recent dispute with Exxon should be a clear wake-up call to our citizens that we can not limit our revenue streams while building a sustainable economic structure for the country. No one wants to be in a holdup situation and have to succumb to the whims of uncaring management in companies such as Exxon. It is time that we quickly rebuild our village economic structure and increase the employment opportunities for our citizens. GuySuco is one of the means to accomplishing this objective.

Best regards,
Mr. Jamil Changlee
The Cooperative Republicans of Guyana

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