The threat to close Giftland Mall

The threat to close Giftland Mall

Dear Editor,

As a retired employee of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, I had to take Micro and Macro Economics course work at the University of Maryland. Try as I do, I cannot recall any lectures on the closure of ONE Mall impacting any country’s economy, to the extent this threat alluding to Georgetown or Guyana’s economic survival, is not dependent on the opening or closure of a single Mall.

Malls close across the U.S on almost a daily basis, and even though comparing the two economies is like comparing apples to oranges, cities are not shutdown due to these closures.
The temerity to even make this threat speaks of the assumed self-importance of the moneyed lot in Guyana.
To have the gall to even make this threat speaks volumes and goes beyond patting oneself on the back, and points to the mindset of the upper crust in Guyana.

Even though the owner did not specifically make this claim, his pronouncement alluded to same. You better do as I say or else – an economic threat as clear as day… the nerve. Now if he had pushed for what in his opinion was a need for greater transparency lacking in the present exercise, one could at least respect his view, though not fully agreeing with him. But to threaten economic consequences if his wishes are not followed, is what Guyanese describe as a certain kind of “eye pass”.
Go ahead and close your Mall, call your own bluff, let’s see if you have the fortitude to do so.

Claudeston G. Massiah

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