The Statements of Poll tell the real story

The Statements of Poll tell the real story

The alteration of the vote count per party list by GECOM pushed the turnout in some areas to surpass the actual amount of registered voters. In normal credible elections, this is a practical impossibility unless there is artificial padding of the declared results.

Unfortunately, Guyana, in particular, Region No. 4 found itself in such a position. As a real example, there is box #4082, which was situated in the village of Herstelling.  On the statement of polls, the amount listed for the APNU+AFC was 14 votes but the GECOM official called 114 votes which if tabulated would have caused a voter turnout of 112% of the person on the official voters’ list assigned to that polling station.  That translates to some 12% phantom voters as called by GECOM’s official Mrs. Cummings on March 13, 2020.  Under the laws of Guyana, this amounts to fraud and a criminal act on the part of GECOM and its officials.

But why are GECOM and the PNC by way of their candidate Ulita Moore trying to deny the nation a complete, accurate and valid recount of the ballots?  The table below will expose why. This table outlines some of the results in the PPP/C strongholds in Region No. 4 as ascertained from Statements of Poll that are in the possession of the Chief Election Officer of GECOM, Mr. Keith Lowenfield.

From the table, it can be seen that the PPP/C won handsomely in some key areas in Region #4. For example – in Mon Repos/Good Hope/ Lusignan there were some 13,556 persons on the voters’ list but only 75% or 10,161 persons actually voted.  Among those 10,161 persons, 93% or 9,451 voted for the PPP/C while a paltry 580 persons or 6% voted for the APNU+AFC.

An Analysis

The same story continues at Enmore/Foulis where 88% or 4,439 of the actual voters voted for the PPP/C. Even in the Amerindian villages of St Cuthbert’s and Waikabra on the Linden Highway, the PPP/C trounced APNU+AFC by winning 74% and 75% of the valid votes respective.

What was surprising was that, even in his own hometown of Pearl, the PPP/C gave Mr. Granger a shellacking by winning some 60% of the votes in that area.

So when the ballots are finally recounted, it will reveal that Mr. David Granger and Chairwoman Claudette Singh are the ones who are really deluding themselves as to the final numbers for Guyana. It becomes even more clear as the days go by that Mr. Granger and Justice Claudette Singh are singing from the same song sheet.

What is absolutely clear as the evidence continues to settle, it that it is within Justice Claudette Singh’s power to motivate GECOM to push forward with a recount but what is clear is that she is not interested in causing such an outcome. What is happening is that she continues to issue empty statements but all of her actions run contrary to her empty statements.

Yours faithfully,

Sasenarine Singh

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