The PPP/C has the numbers in its favour, the APNU+AFC does not

The PPP/C has the numbers in its favour, the APNU+AFC does not

Dear Editor,

Daniel Kahneman, Israeli psychologist and economist and 2002, Nobel Memorial Prize Nobel Laurate once said; “ There is something fundamental about the human mind, namely, that humans are blind to the obvious, and that we are also blind to our own blindness.”

Hamilton Green’s call to President Granger for him to take “…a massive step forward to take us out of this confused environment. To “Put aside the constitution, put aside the laws” and to “Take action so that your people, our people Guyana will honour you no matter what it costs,” is a true caricature of what the Israeli psychologist referred to as ‘blindness of the human mind.’

Way past the biblical three score and ten, Mr. Green is now blind not only to the obvious, viz; that his party has lost the elections, but to his own blindness in not recognizing his party’s electoral defeat.
But there is more to it.
Green’s reference to “Your people, Our people” has an unambiguous, ominous ring to it that needs no further elaboration.

And his “… no matter what it costs,” is reminiscent of the militaristic ‘give no quarter’ battle cry.
In effect, Mr. Green has called on his Commander-in-Chief to ‘Cross the Rubicon, a decision fraught with unforeseeable consequences for which there is no turning back once a decision is taken.
Recall the infamous ‘Declaration at Bartica’ to the effect that, “War Break, we can’t let them win in social media nor on the streets”. This is clearly synonymous with Green’s ‘Straight Up’ call to Granger to take “a massive step forward”. The coded language is clear.

Questions have been asked whether Mr. Green was aware of the implications of what he said and, depending on the audience he was targeting, whether he said something wrong or right?
After being found guilty of lack of political morality in the court of public opinion, Green then sought refuge in cognitive dissonance. In a pious statement, he claimed that the words ‘put aside the constitution and put aside the laws are inappropriate’ and that ‘They are neither reflective of my beliefs nor stance in the context of Guyana.’

Make no mistake about it, Green meant what he said. Thus the damage is already done. Mr Green must know that: ‘Every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment’ (Mathew 12:36).
In case Mr Green does not know, the public has found it well nigh impossible to reconcile his ‘moral and spiritual’ revivalism with just two of the Ten Commandments: ‘Thou shall not steal’ read, votes and; ‘Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s goods, meaning the victory that belongs to the PPP/C.

This is not the first time Green has made statements that are at odds with Guyanese customs, traditions and mores. And lest we forget; practice is the criterion of truth.
Mr. Green’s confession must be viewed through the prism of paranoia that is now obvious in the hierarchy of the APNU+AFC. To the three plus seven illegals, it is morally right to rig to stay in power because of the wrongs that were meted by slave-owners during the days of slavery, and not by generations of Guyanese 182 years thereafter.
By way of circular reasoning the three plus seven cabal, defines and redefines, interprets and reinterprets clauses in our constitution only to ensure that they remain in office.

It is called exceptionalism or paramountcy of the Party under a different guise.
Keith Lowenfield is the APNU+AFC’s ‘Soldier of fortune’ for 2020. He is no different from the Andy Jacobs of the 1990’s known for production of the infamously corrupted voters’ list that had to be discarded resulting in the postponement of elections for two years.

Guilty men in the three plus seven cabal realize they are cornered, and US visa restrictions,(plus more to come), has undoubtedly triggered a worrisome state of affairs among the ‘Good Lifers.’
Try as hard as they can to paint a legal landscape favourable to them, the fraud committed cannot be wished away. Multiple well documented and credible evidence of electoral rigging on the cabal’s part prevails. The evidence is overwhelming. And no amount of alternative facts trotted out by the caretaker administration will convince, much less dissuade the international community.

The APNU+AFC has imprisoned themselves in Mingo’s elections matrix and Lowenfield ‘fix it’ declarations. A ‘get out of jail card’ can be secured only by conceding defeat, and a GECOM
Declaration favourable to the PPP/C.
In a historical context, discourses on historical experiences by Marx and Hegel, two German philosophers, can be placed in paradoxical juxtaposition to Guyana’s historical experiences in respect to electoral fraud committed by Jacobs and Lowenfield.

First with Marx’s; “History repeats itself first as a tragedy and secondly a farce.” And secondly, with Hegel’s; “Although things do indeed seem always unprecedented, history does actually give us a clue as to our ultimate destination.”
With Jacobs’ handiwork at rigged elections which seemed unprecedented and comical at that time, it nevertheless, did offer a clue of what was to come were the PNC to return to power in whatever shape or form.
Twenty eight years after, it was Keith Lowenfield who was tasked with the responsibility by his handlers to bring Guyana to the ‘Ultimate destination’ favourable to the APNU+AFC by way of electoral fraud. However, his efforts ended up being a farce.

Bibi Shadick is right; “Fire Lowenfield or they will go back to the court,” further delaying our country’s arrival at the Hegelian ‘Ultimate destination” or the Marxian farcical elections.
That aside, the irony of Guyana’s electoral politics is demonstrated in the Hegelian thesis; “The only lesson history teaches us is that nobody ever learned anything from history.”
Clearly, the PNC, the key mover and shaker in the coalition is among the nobodies who have “never learned anything from history.”

An advertisement calling on the three government – sponsored Commissioners to resign, and a claim that there is a ‘carefully orchestrated plan to oust’ the three plus seven cabal, is a straw clutching attempt to attract sympathies to its ignominious elections track record. Clearly, no past lesson/s have been learned.
The PPP/C has the numbers in its favour, the APNU+AFC does not, but wants to take the numbers from the PPP/C. Since it can’t do so legally, it chooses to sow the seeds of lies, deception and threats while holding its anti- COVID 19 outreach meetings.

Since November, 2017 the questions were posed: “You have to ask yourselves how the PNC gained office in 1964, ask yourselves how did it remain in office and what did it do during that year ask yourselves how the PNC wound retain office after 2020”.
Who better than Hamilton Green could have answered the questions posed by Granger since he, Green was one of Burnham’s key soldiers in the 1960’s?

In an interview with St. Lucian journalist, Earl Bosquet on January 25, 1998, President Janet Jagan had this to say: “If it had not been for the responsible behaviour of the PPP/C, I am afraid this country may have gone into the abyss that we went into in the 1960’s.”
The coalition administration stubbornly refuses to leave office, and notwithstanding the fact that it is merely a caretaker government, it must behave responsibly, to prevent our country falling into the abyss. It must concede it has lost the March 2 elections and have GECOM fulfill its constitutional mandate by declaring the PPP/C the winner based on the national recount.

Yours faithfully,
Clement James Rohee

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