The people of Guyana expect and deserve nothing less

The people of Guyana expect and deserve nothing less

Dear Editor,

The stance taken by the international community on the issue of free, fair and credible elections in Guyana is commendable.
Gone are days when the PNC managed to get away with rigged elections. The international environment has changed markedly since the days of the Cold War and Guyana is no longer viewed by the United States through the prism of ideology.
The winds of democracy are blowing across the hemisphere, and, for that matter, the world at large. Any party that obtains power by undemocratic means runs the risk of being ostracised and sanctioned by the international community.

I join with representatives from the international community and other concerned organisations in calling for a full and complete verification and tabulation of votes in Region Four based on signed Statements of Poll.
Any departure from this method of tabulation will engender perceptions of suspicions and mistrust which could impact on the credibility of the poll.

I urge the Chairman of GECOM to discharge her obligations to the electorate, and by extension the people of Guyana, without fear or favour. The people of Guyana expect and deserve nothing less.

Hydar Ally

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