The other powers and ‘observers’ can go make their countries banana republics…leave Guyana alone!

The other powers and ‘observers’ can go make their countries banana republics…leave Guyana alone!

Dear Editor,

The events taking place in Guyana after the General and Regional Elections on March 2, 2020 have laid bare the true nature and interests of all the true and self-proclaimed stakeholders in the country’s political process. We have the governing APNU+AFC, the opposition PPP, foreign powers, ‘observers’, and the little ragtag outfits whose scream for attention far outweigh any numerical support.

Everything was going fine, and the elections were given a clean bill of health until the Returning Officer of Region Four attempted to make a lawful declaration that would have tilted the balance in favour of APNU+AFC. That is when the grand conspirators went into motion.
Suddenly, the PPP had different numbers, and the US, Britain, Canada and EU found the process not credible. Their disgusting behaviour was plain for all to see, so I will not rehash those. They kept shifting the goalposts, and will only stop if the PPP is declared the winner.

The foreign powers are clearly working overtime to ensure a PPP victory. It is downright disrespectful to our sovereignty for them to dictate the conduct of our elections instead of the Constitution and Laws of Guyana.
First, they wanted all statements of poll to be tabulated, this was done; then they wanted them to be displayed on a projector, this was done, and even after that, they cried foul with the final declaration. The EU ‘Observers’ had the nerve to demand to see statements of poll, to obviously find a reason to discredit them.

The Chief Justice clearly said that the only thing the Returning Officer of Region Four needed to do was either restart the tabulation process or continue from where he left off using the statements of poll. This was done in accordance with the laws of Guyana. For foreign powers to attempt to invent a process that they call ‘credible’, goes far beyond normal diplomatic behaviour in a host country.

It was very curious and intriguing that even before the western countries threatened Guyana with sanctions, Jagdeo was able to say that this would be done if President Granger was declared the winner.
The western powers, particularly the United States, have no moral authority to dictate to Guyana on the credibility of elections. In 1997, the Chairman of the Elections Commission secretly swore in Janet Jagan as President even while votes were being verified and counted!

The Marshal of the High Court served Janet Jagan and the Chairman of the Commission with an order to stop the swearing in and Janet Jagan threw it over her shoulder. Where was the US then? And why were they not threatening sanctions? CARICOM and all the other ‘observers’ robed her, and her illegal government, with legitimacy.

The PNC followed the legal procedure of an election petition and the election was declared illegal. The United States had the most glaring of elections that lacked credibility. In 2000, the votes in Florida were clearly rigged in George W. Bush’s favour. Vice President Al Gore got the Court to order a recount, and as the recount was going clearly in Gore’s favour, the Supreme Court, which was majority Republican, and politically appointed, voted to stop the count and declared Bush the winner.

President Granger has acted like the true statesman and honest politician he is. He has said repeatedly that GECOM is an independent body and must be allowed to do its work. He has never interfered with GECOM or the court processes.
The laws of Guyana must be respected and upheld, not twisted in favour of those who have their own interests. Imagine the hue and the cry if President Granger intervened and gave directions to GECOM. The constitutional institutions of Guyana must be respected. The other powers and ‘observers’ can go make their countries banana republics…leave Guyana alone!

Yours truly,
Jerrick Rutherford

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