The International Community is afraid of Guyana’s rising economic and geopolitical power

The International Community is afraid of Guyana’s rising economic and geopolitical power

Dear Editor,

May I remind all of us that slavery and indentured servitude ended as within the past 186 years ago in Guyana. Our people were brought to the shores of this country, we now call Guyana by the ancestors of the very international observers who are now trying their best to foster instability by meddling in our electoral process using partisan postures and language. It is said that the governments of former colonial powers have no friends, just interests.

If we stopped to consider the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Grenada, the colonisation of Africa, India, Central, South and Latin America and other places where the European and North American governments supported a political regime and regime change, only to subvert and overthrow said regime. This is after working with the regime to fuel instability, widening the gap between the rich and impoverished, and fueling discord among social groups much like they are attempting to do right now in Guyana. These said powers then used the instability they helped to create as the basis for their governments to say we need to stop this, let us intervene.

My Guyanese people, Guyana is a powerful nation. More powerful than we have ever been in the entire history of this country. Our petroleum wealth not only means improved living standards for our people, it also means that we are now one of the most powerful and influential nations anywhere in the world. Because of the vast wealth associated with our petroleum resources, we can significantly influence the international financial markets, geopolitical decision-making, the global economy and the international petroleum industry. We can easily influence the price for crude oil for example.
Regardless of the political party you support, I call on you to support ONE GUYANA!

Andrew Small

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