The Guyanese Voter Knows No Peace

The Guyanese Voter Knows No Peace

Dear Editor,
I wish to remark that while the never-ending madness of politics in Guyana continues unabated, we must take a step back and think what this is all doing to the most important person in all of this—the Guyanese Voter.
The Guyanese Voter for the past 50 years has been subjected to all forms of mental and physiological abuse from its politicians and might be unprecedented in history that a certain block of people have had to endure so much from its elected leaders.

The fact that the Guyanese Voter is still trying to bring some sanity to the madness is a testament to their sheer will and determination.
Never have a people been bombarded with so much vitriol, hate, animosity, false promises and lies from the political leaders of the two dominant parties –PNC and PPP.

Let us take some time to remember the Guyanese voter in our quiet thoughts and prayers, remember what this group has to endure for a half a century and pray that one day our collective hopes and dreams can be realized when we have a government that works to the benefit of all Guyanese and banish the divisiveness that has torn our society apart.

A. Persaud

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