The epithet for “the hand that shakes with a closed fist”

The epithet for “the hand that shakes with a closed fist”

Dear Editor,
An epithet may be referred to as a byname or, an adjective, or descriptive phrases that express the quality characteristics of a person or thing with different shades of meaning, incorporating positive or negative or a combination of both elements, allowing a nickname to roll off the tongue easily and quickly. A few examples may be mentioned for easy reference: Richard “The Lionheart”; Muhammad “The Messenger of Allah”; Shri Rama-Maryada Purushuttam “The Man who is Supreme in Power”; Christ “The Good Shepherd”; Gandhi “The Mahatma”; Jim Reeves “Gentleman Jim”; Alexander “The Great”; Lata Mangeshkar “The Nightingale”; Abaddon “The Angel of the Abyss”; Donna Summer “The Queen of Disco” etc.

In Guyana, it is so easy to pick up a nickname or, what is popularly known as a “false name.” A person may have several names and may be referred to as “better known as,” for the sake of associating better familiarity. From village days to liming in the street, from going to school to a working environment, from growing up at home to finding a better half, one can accumulate another pet reference or pick up another second name.

You can have a ton of fun, knock yourself out, “laff till yu belly buss,” remembering nicknames for family members, relatives, friends, associates, fellow workers, the boss or others!
David is a very popular name throughout the universe and is often shortened to Dave. It may arrogate or create positive or negative attributes if one may appropriate the name not necessarily from a scriptural perspective, but from an abundance of circumstantial incidents, referring to a broad analysis of matters that may be interpreted as accidental or coincidental.

In our midst, is there a David that may bear the epithet of “A Mighty Man of War?” Mr “G” is a quiet “D” who hides in the shadow of the dark, spurting venomous poison in a sly manner and applauding his front runners to raise the bar of “slo fiya, mo fiya” to a higher level. Can we pinpoint a David that may be described as, “The Sweet Psalmist of Israel?” Oh, we do have a Mr “G” who kneels on his knees, fumbling while mumbling, kissing innocent babies, who knows where, twisting tongues while slyly smiling with a smirk, shifting the goal post, twisting words with a forked tongue but loves to dwell in the courts, certainly with no good intentions.

Who is the man or woman for the job? How easy or difficult is it to anoint a David with the famous or infamous term, “Thou Art The man?” Unfortunately, if there is a David whom the cap fits, then the picture is painted with “doom and gloom” and not “spice and everything nice.” Hurray for Mr “G,” who took Guyana into the Guinness Book of Records for infamy.

Who is the man to thwart the will of the people with skullduggery activities? Isn’t he the man with his knees on democracy in Guyana while colluding by approving fictitious and inaccurate Mingo’s and Lowenfield’s fraudulent numbers and reports? Whose hands are stained with illegal contractual agreements and a bankrupt economy causing depression, starvation and poverty to the Guyanese population?

Who approves the wrongful attacks on Guyana’s friends and neighbours and refutes the courts’ decisions and findings? Who is the man raping the Treasury and living the good life while people cannot find work and money to survive? Who is the miscreant man fetching an endless list of misdemeanours and disregards all rules and regulations while shunning law and order? There is only one David who is “fit and propa” in the diabolical race who can run faster than Low while lying low to be declared a winner in “something.” Can we identify a man in the public domain who can be termed with the phrase, “A Man After God’s Own Heart?” Such a person should possess faith, show faithfulness, prove his devotion and provide contrition.

You would think this shouldn’t pose a problem because most Guyanese are a set of “God-fearing” people who are religious-minded, church, mandir or masque attendees, law abiders, moral and righteous upholders, peaceful and loving people and patriotic and patronal citizens. Then again, there remains a small handful of merry men and women who represent everything that does not portray the dignity and honour that is associated with decency and honesty.

This bandwagon is led by a tyrant leader who is not only ruthless and heartless but deceiving and disrespectful. Being a David, coincidentally, was too much pressure and the expectation was too high for the bar to fly the banner of truth and sincerity, dominated with grace and mercy and ingrained with kindness and greatness. Four significant epithets are highlighted and scrutinised for auditing, analysing, considering and applying to the one and only dashing but devious dude who is detrimental and devout to a lost cause. Care to take a swing and find any significance or semblance in the application to the ingenuity of illogical madness?

Our very own learned and scholarly historian who has forgotten his sense of sanity and decency has been categorised with the epithet of “sanctimonious gangster” by the Caribbean’s political scientist, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, Chairman for Caricom. Mr “G” has rationalised that Caricom’s creditable election recount result is not valid after inviting Caricom himself to observe and scrutinise the election process because he entertained doubts with the Carter Team (COVID-19 risk is bull) and blocked them from returning but termed his one-time pals from Caricom as the most legitimate interlocutor on the Guyana Commission.

The Secretary General of the Organisation of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, asked the “man for all times” if he wants democracy or abyss for Guyana. More epithets were considered by some officials, Deborah Misir, former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Policy, US Department of Labor and Douglas Meurs, former Political Advisor and Director for Somalia in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. “Do you want to be remembered as a Statesman or a rogue President?

You have that choice to be remembered respectfully and in history,” the former bureaucrat said. Choices of epithets are not limited but full of variances as the man in demand who cannot command is not “The Man for All Seasons” because his engagements are limited and he has all the time in the world to do nothing about everything.

Here are a few epithets to ponder on and to identify the characters as you try to relax from Guyana’s political arena and attempt to get some “shut-eye”, waiting for Thursday to come when we will have the decision from Guyana’s COA: “star-cross’d lovers”; “ The Ghost Who Walks”; “The Man of Steel”; “The Dark Night” and “ The Wonder Boy”; “The Prince of Peace”; “The Mother Of God”; “Father of Gods and Men”; “ The King”; “The Boss”; Hope you can have some fun and enjoy. Without any effort, you can pin an epithet on the man who wants to shake hands with a closed fist because he daily provides you with salt to rub in the wound!

Jai Lall

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