The diaspora will help the less fortunate here

The diaspora will help the less fortunate here

Dear Editor,

I am a firm believer that God always works everything (the good and bad) out for my good eventually. I want to share with you why I believe the above words are true.

During the era of Burnham, like many families, my family was suffering financially and was starving. Living comfortably in America, my aunt had forgotten us. She didn’t want anything to do with us. She was estranged from the family.

Then, one day, she heard my family was suffering and she remembered us. She applied for us to live with her in America. She saved my life. I was treated for malnourishment and I began to grow to a normal height. In less than a year in America, I went from four feet to five feet seven inches tall.

Had we not been suffering from malnourishment, she wouldn’t not have remembered and brought us to America.

Editor, today, I am so happy that Burnham made life unlivable.

What Burnham and his policy did to hurt us, led to my aunt having compassion for us.

Editor, today, as I look on the citizenry of Guyana suffering, I believe that their suffering will also work out for their good.

If things go from bad to worse in Guyana, I believe many people in the diaspora will realize that they have to rescue their family.

I truly believe that in the end, the poor children in Guyana will have a rescuer to bring them into a better country to give them a good life.

Editor, I thank God and my aunt for remembering me. Today, I pray that God and family members in the diaspora will help their poor family members who are truly suffering in Guyana.

Yours faithfully,
Anthony Pantlitz

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