The conspiracy begins with Granger as the architect and ends with Granger being sworn in

The conspiracy begins with Granger as the architect and ends with Granger being sworn in

Dear Editor,

The masks are finally coming off and the identity of the cabal of riggers of elections and thieves of votes of citizens is being laid bare. Those, including myself I must confess, who thought it was the trio of Commissioners using Lowenfield, Mingo and Myers who were the real crooks are now recognising that the conspiracy begins with David Granger as the architect and ends with David Granger being sworn in. That call was made yesterday by Volda Lawrence on her Facebook page, the same day that Lowenfield defied GECOM.

Volda Lawrence was reacting to a report of the response by Chief Election Officer Lowenfield, who in his fifth or sixth declaration of the count has reverted in the main to his March 14 declaration which featured the fraudulent phantom declaration by Clairmont Mingo of Polling District No. 4, which was itself a breach of a court order, for which Mingo has had contempt charges filed against him. Lawrence of course was a co-signatory with Mingo in the false PD 4 District declaration, the penalty for which is prescribed in section 137 of the Representation of the People Act to include both a monetary fine and jail time. In other words, Volda Lawrence is part of the group of individuals who have been systematically dismantling Guyana’s democratic structures and to impose Granger and the APNU+AFC on the people of this country as they cement dictatorship in Guyana.

Yesterday, Lowenfield should have complied with a directive of the GECOM Chairman to carry out his constitutional duty to submit a report under section 96 of the Representation of the People Act first requested by the Chairman on June 23, more than three weeks ago. Instead, demonstrating disrespect and insubordination to the Chairman, Lowenfield re-sent a report presented since March 14 which was clearly overtaken by Order 60 dealing with the Recount, and subsequent judicial pronouncements. Lowenfield, who has been running from the service of a criminal summons, does not care: he knows he has not only the PNC-R’s three GECOM appointees in his corner but also the executive and coercive arms of the State, including Granger, behind him. It was no surprise then that Alexander in a news report purported to speak for Lowenfield, saying that Lowenfield would respond to the Chairman.

As a measure of the scale and nature of the co-ordination among the rogue elements in GECOM’s Secretariat and the PNC-R’s three GECOM appointees, Lowenfield absented himself from the meeting, as did the Commissioners.

But the conspiracy does not stop there. It includes Granger’s alter ego, Joseph Harmon and Granger himself. If anyone had any doubt that Granger had an iota of decency about him, that illusion was dispelled by Granger in a bizarre display of deceit in his unmasked speech to his supporters on the day the CCJ handed down their decision, a decision with which everyone associated some finality and the return to democracy. Not only did we underestimate Granger’s deceit, we have been witnessing the despicable act of Granger’s changes in the leadership of the GDF in anticipation that Irfaan Ali will be sworn in as President and he Granger will then be considered to be engaging in an act of subversion against the state. There is clearly no limit to Granger’s determination to deliver Burnham’s dream of an ethno-dominated PNC-dictatorship in Guyana. That limit is not circumscribed by the possibility of crippling sanctions against Guyana.

GECOM Chair Claudette Singh has shown immense patience in dealing with the PNC-R renegade commissioners and the rogue elements in the GECOM Secretariat. As Chair, she has a duty to ensure that the principal function of GECOM is carried out: to hold and complete elections. A retired Judge of the Court of Appeal should not allow a lawbreaker to embarrass her and frustrate the execution of the work of the Commission. Lowenfield is an employee of GECOM and not as he thinks, a constitutional office holder. His continued employment is subject to his contract and the Termination of Employment and Severance Pay Act. That Act provides for dismissal without notice where there is serious misconduct. It is hard to think of anything more serious than Lowenfield’s persistent attempt to subvert the Constitution and the Representation of the People Act.

Once he is terminated, an acting Chief Election Officer should be named who should be requested to do what Lowenfield has unlawfully refused to do, thereby holding the country to ransom. The receipt and consideration by GECOM of the section 96 of the ROPA report will allow the March 2, 2020 elections to be declared. All that would be left to complete the process is for the Chair to arrange with the Chancellor for the swearing in of the new President. Granger’s tenure will then constitutionally come to an end and all authorities, powers, protection and allegiances associated with a lawful President will cease to exist.

Granger has boasted that the GDF is the only military in South America which has never been part of a coup. I am sure that the higher ranks of the Army will want to maintain that proud tradition. I am confident too that the Chancellor of the Judiciary will carry out her constitutional duty to swear in the President rather than designate any other judge to carry out that function as the Constitution provides.

Finally, the APNU+AFC+WPA Coalition, including the three PNC-R commissioners, keeps repeating their false claim of electoral fraud committed by the PPP/C in the March 2 elections. If they are so certain of their “overwhelming evidence”, they should confidently pursue the election petition where they will be guaranteed a fair and speedy hearing. One thing they can be certain about, a PPP/C Government that is found to have been sworn in on the basis of rigged elections, will not be able to survive a single day, let alone their 132 days and counting since the March 2 elections or the 479 days since elections were supposed to be held no later than March 21, 2019 after the December 21, 2018 No Confidence Motion.

Yours faithfully,

Christopher Ram

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