The Chris Jones saga, too much of the vindictive and viciousness

The Chris Jones saga, too much of the vindictive and viciousness

Dear Editor,
I am following some of the Chris Jones saga as relayed in mainstream media, which becomes more of an ordeal as I learn more.
It should not have been this way, there are better ways to achieve the same ends.
Mr. Timothy Jonas spoke of no warrant.
He also pointed to the lack of regard for the law.

What the government did and how it went about matters spoke to that and more. I wish it were not so, for much of what took place reminded me – and should do so for all Guyanese- of what was old and vindictive and possessing a studied maliciousness and viciousness.
I have heard from knowing people in the government camp, of leaders changing, of layers of controls (I scoffed and laughed at that one) at the group and other level to hold their feet to the fire and to a different standard.

As far as I am concerned, what unfolded in the Jones’ residence was of feet, yes (jackboots trampling) and of a fire unlit and serving no restraining purpose, having no deterrent effect.
What was meted out to Mr. Jones (whom I know not in the least, other than coming across captions and his picture in the papers) was uncalled for and should not have been done to a dog. It could have been executed in another way, a less visible and less traumatic manner.

There can be no justification for officers of the state to go to Mr. Jones’ residence under the cover of dark, during a blackout that reportedly impacted his block only, and none of the immediate surrounding areas.
There can be absolutely no defending or rationalizing proceeding to the home of this citizen and traumatize his family, which includes young children. What have we come to in this democracy of ours?
Why do we keep doing the same things in routine tit for tat fashion?

How do we rise from these degradations? I caution that democracy is not only about elections.
What the new PPP government did to Mr. Jones and his family is equivalent to what the Northern Europeans used to do to those they hated with a passion, and whom they sought to destroy.
This is Guyana, this is 75 years later, this is a new government promising (genuinely, I hope) to be different, to be working towards unity and a better society.

But there can be no reconciling, forget about truth for the moment, when a PNC candidate is singled out for such humiliations, this premediated leadership lawlessness.
As should be expected, the PPP supporters already crow that ‘deh gat dah coming to dem’, while, in the next instance, those of the PNC would simmer at ‘dis is how de duz treat wee people, an wah deh plan fuh duh.’ It is not helpful, not conducive to any healing or reconciling.
President Ali in his post swearing-in comments promised to work diligently for unity, transparency, and accountability.

I offer no comment today on the bona fides of his utterings.
All I table is that when these incidents occur so early, so thoughtlessly, then there is already distancing from the commitment to unity, and which goes a far way in questioning the honesty of the PPP leadership.
I did say that I will be sparing in the first 100 days of the new people, other than to speak out critically when the egregious comes to the fore.

In the circumstances surrounding Chris Jones, there is the egregious, if not worse. What happened to him is not experienced by more hardened felons roaming around in this society.
My hope, my appeal is that the PPP men and women will curb their aggressive instincts and cease in the political hostilities.
It will not succeed. It is dangerous to a terribly ruptured and severely wounded society struggling to get back on its feet with some degree of sanity, with some level of peace. May better sense take hold.

GHK Lall

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