The buck ultimately stops with the GECOM Chair

The buck ultimately stops with the GECOM Chair

Dear Editor,

Of recent, there has been a lot said about the provisions of the Representation of the People Act Ch. 1:03, of the Laws of Guyana, but not so much about the Election Law Amendment Act 2000 (Act 15 of 2000). In particular, this Act 15 of 2000 provides under Section 18, “The Chief Election Officer and the Commissioner of Registration shall notwithstanding anything in any written law be subject to the direction and control of the Commission.”

Further, Section 20 states, “The Commission may approve of local organisations observing the democratic process involved in any election provided such organisations fulfil such conditions as may be stipulated by the Commission.”

Section 23 (1) states, “The Representation of the People Act and the National Registration Act and the regulations made under these Acts shall, to the extent to which any provision thereof is inconsistent with any provision of this Act, be construed as modified by this Act.”

Looks like the buck stops with the commission, and ultimately, the chairperson, who has the casting vote, to direct and control the CEO.

Yours faithfully,

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