The APNU/AFC party was enjoying a real “fancy dress ball” party

The APNU/AFC party was enjoying a real “fancy dress ball” party

Dear Editor,
Almost every day, Guyanese are wakening up to a new tune of dishevelment, discovered by the new administration and created by the former mischief- makers. Anyone may ask the simple question: Is the ending in sight? A rhetorical “no” as an answer will justify the response, because the nightmare is only now beginning to unfold and the scenes are becoming more horrifying.

One of the wily actors recently produced a “wild card” explanation that is mind-boggling for an insight. Imagine, the day has arrived when the APNU/AFC Party is actually legitimising the value of the NCM, alluding to its effect, and seeking shelter as a cover for their underhand activities. How convenient to finally recognise that the CCJ was correct when their decision branded the then government to be in “caretaker mode.”

So Mr. Granger was not right again when he retorted, “That is their opinion” and he has his own and does not have to accept theirs. Mr. Granger was guided and influenced by the very legal luminary. It is good to know that the wise men are acknowledging their mistakes and confessing to their errors.

Time is longer than twine, and others need to wake up. Welcome to the party. Is this the beginning of a new trend? And can Guyanese look forward to more deep and meaningful confessions? A guilty conscience speaks louder than words, and time will tell what guilty feelings are hidden deep in the bosoms of the tormented souls! Kneeling has its merits and demerits.

The arm of the law is long, and ole people say, “You can run, but you can’t hide,” the law will eventually catch up with you. The APNU/AFC Party was enjoying a real “Fancy Dress Ball” party that lasted from 2015 to 2020. The theme of the affair was “eat, drink and be merry,” a time to celebrate all the times missed out from the previous 23 years. It was a time to spend, grab and pocket; and why not?

The bigger portion of the voting population put them in power to cater to “their” needs. What a pity, for “their” became not the man in the street slugging daily for survival, but the elite group enjoying the “fat cat” salaries and seated in high places.

Have Guyanese seen and heard enough for their eyes to become open, or are they still not convinced that mischief was afoot and no wrongdoing was incurred?
Remember the immediate hefty increase in salaries for the Party boys and girls, and the pittance for those begging outside the door? How about all the corruption and perks with contracts and agreements that saddled a way to personal pockets? Was it heartless to hide US$18M from the struggling Guyanese? As if that was small change, how about throwing away US$55B into the sea, where the big fisherman was waiting with his net for the catch?

Trotting softly onwards, so many pipelines were created to drain the silver and gold from the coffers. The expense sheets were not padded, but were decorated with large sums and fancy figures to impress a befuddled mind that the big boys and girls knew how to keep the big bucks err in “their” pockets. After all, the supporters of the bigshots put cat to watch milk, so what did you expect? Certainly not to see the pot of milk still there in the morning!

How naïve and gullible can some of us remain. Don’t we want to grow up and face reality?
Do Guyanese still believe in the innocence of the “kissing baby” act and the now and then kneeling in the pew for the cameras? Academy-award acting for showtime has its place in Hollywood and Bollywood, but not in the neighbourhood, where the livelihood of Guyanese is far from being jolly good!

The cat-and-dog fight that is taking place is a spectacle to witness the fangs and claws grappling with the jugglers. The tentacles are wrapping around the knees, bringing the puppets and clowns down so that the circus show in town can come to an end.

Many remain dumbstruck, dismayed and disappointed to learn what the people they trusted and voted for were actually doing while in office. No wonder the sad callers and writers are pouring their hearts out to the media and radio, revealing their disgust over the actions of the reckless APNU/AFC Party and pledging not to ever again be fooled or believe a word they say, or accept them as representatives for their interests.

How callous and ruthless can such diabolic men and women be, who would want to deny the bread and butter from the impoverished people who are literally starving and have to depend on the generosity of charitable people to survive, so that they can avoid the embarrassment of having to beg in the streets to feed their families! Come next election, Guyanese are not going to forget the past five treacherous months that were so disastrous and devastating, all because of the greed for personal benefits and the hunger to grab power illegally!
Guyanese continue to be on the lookout for more atrocious anomalies.

Jai Lall

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