The APNU+AFC party is the Pied Piper to certain disasters and wrong doing

The APNU+AFC party is the Pied Piper to certain disasters and wrong doing

AS the fourth perspiring week for the busy and tireless PPP/C Party comes to an end since wrenching power after a protracted delay from the stubborn and obstinate APNU+AFC Party, the heat is turning up in Guyana as more political fireworks are exploding with removals, replacements, resignations, scandals and exposed malfeasance.

On the bright side, it is reassuring to see the police asserting the law and being proactive in the forefront, embellishing their image, especially with the Mingo/Lawrence/Lowenfield and GECOM staff affair and the alleged Ponzi scheme. Their involvement is anticipation for a smooth flow in justice, unlike an undulating past exercised under the discriminative previous administration.

The harsh reality of COVID-19 continues to pose a major obstacle and challenge for the PPP/C Government as the 12th sitting of Parliament is scheduled for next Tuesday at the ACCC. More cases are rapidly being recorded, the death rate is dangerously climbing and positive confirmations are alarmingly revealed as country-wide texting continues. Taking over from a careless and uncaring COVID-19 Task Force Committee led by Joseph Harmon, this new Health Ministry is tasked and heavily overburdened with prioritising testing, distribution of the pandemic kits, curbing and slowing its spread, preventing its growth, strengthening its facilities, educating Guyanese, implementing the protocols and enforcing the rules and regulations. Acknowledging that this team is in unchartered waters, it needs all the help it can acquire, both domestically and internationally.

Guyana is deemed the epicentre for the Caribbean and as such, it has to implement a professional and fast-moving programme to stem the flow and flatten the curve, bearing in mind that time is against them and they are deep above their knee in this inherited pandemic mess.

The President, Dr. Irfaan Ali, was quoted by the Ministry of Presidency’s Public Information and Press Services Unit as saying, “The balance requires very strong protocols and I think, therein lies the trick to this pandemic; the protocols and enforcing the protocols.

Now, we can move to reopening once we have strong protocols that can be enforced and once we have the institutional mechanism to support those protocols.” But there is no trick or short cut as an answer to this problem. Only a disciplined nation committed to the rigged rules and regulations, respecting and implementing all the protocols may contribute to any degree of success in harnessing this virus.

Masks, sanitising, washing, social distancing and citrus fruits in-take are good attributes along with virtual gatherings versus physical conferencing. Guyanese need to be serious and not carefree with their behaviour in order to save lives.

The callousness and recklessness of the APNU+AFC Party continues as they deliberately endanger the entire Guyana with their horrendous and unscrupulous call for Guyanese to come out in large gathering to support their mischievous and selfish agenda. As reported in the news media, from Joseph Harmon’s Facebook, his message of “Message from DG Joseph Harmon, Good afternoon Comrades the petition will be filed on Monday August 31, 10:00 hours, Supreme Court Building.

We are asked to mobilise in numbers to lend support to our party. We want a big manifestation against this persecution that is going on.” How heartless and irresponsible can the former head of the COVID-19 Task Force be? This appeal confirms that he and his cabal did not have the interest of the Guyanese people at heart during their reign and again, they were only drawing down large sums of money for not doing the job they were appointed to do and the poor taxpayers money was again being squandered.

Will their supporters not wake up and see how they are being used and abused perpetually and allowing the APNU+AFC Party to put their lives at risk? What do the people in the street hope to achieve from any participation? Petty bribes and then potential death?

The police will again come into the limelight in dealing with any illegal gathering and the confrontation of devious political leaders. Here is a transparent and unambiguous living proof of the leader of a group, orchestrating disobedience of the COVID-19 regulations, inciting and instigating the illegal gathering of a mob that is potentially dangerous and fatal to the entire nation. How can such a character hope to be a leader for an opposition party, setting all the wrong and unethical examples, hoping to muster command and guide the rest of the flock?

Over a cliff, yes, to another dungeon where immorality pervades and lies and deceits continue to corrupt the minds of the innocent young people. Where are the voices from the churches to condemn this type of unforgiving and ruthless behaviour? The APNU+AFC Party in any form or shape can never represent their supporters to teach, guide or have them indulge in the practice of any manifestation of truth, honesty, integrity and dignity that will honor any concept of a religious principle. Wake up Guyana, do not allow the APNU+AFC Party to be the Pied Piper to attract and lead you again to certain disaster and wrong doing! Is this what you really and truly want? Please, do your soul searching, listen to your conscience and do not answer their illogical call.

Jai Lall

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