The APNU/AFC party has an uphill task to retain confidence of its supporters

The APNU/AFC party has an uphill task to retain confidence of its supporters

Dear Editor,
Seems as if the Democratic Convention in Washington was orchestrated to facilitate the completion of Guyana’s election so that, the local scenario can play a pivotal role and all the salient events can be capitalised upon to drive home and support the various speakers’ presentations.
President Donald Trump was portrayed as being the wrong person to represent the interest of the American people because he lacked empathy and what he allowed to go on in the country is not right and not what the people want to be.

So typical of the former President of Guyana who completely misrepresented the mass and failed to keep in touch. Mr Granger ran a campaign on truth, honesty and integrity. We know how far at sea he was from this slogan with all the corruptions being highlighted, seen as the tip of the iceberg then, and now, we are getting a deeper insight as to the reality of the deep destruction and to the magnitude of the catastrophic damage.

“Unlocking the shackles of lies and mistrust with the only thing that can truly set us free: the cold hard truth”, Michelle Obama had stressed at the closing of the first night on Tuesday. A lie fact sheet as monitored by the Washington Post confirmed that Trump made some 20,000 misleading statements to the public. Everything about Granger was intertwined between lies and deceits.

No wonder he chooses to hide from the nation rather than hold regular meetings with the press and media. Not surprising, the PPP/C was able to capitalise on the APNU/AFC party’s misfortunes because, “when they go low, we go high,” according to Michelle Obama.

She also said, “If you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me, they can, and they will if we don’t make a change in this election.” Luckily for Guyana, with the help of the domestic and international community, Guyana was able to avoid a state of pariah and the popular will of the people saw the PPP/C replacing a beaten APNU/AFC for a changing of the guard. Trinidad Prime Minister, Keith Rowley did exclaim, “Things will not end well.” Perhaps he had a premonition that the APNU/AFC would experience a state of dismantling with all hell breaking loose as is currently happening.

More analogies were replicated to capture the attention of Guyanese and to make pertinent comparisons. The first Black and Asian woman to be on a national ticket for a major party, Kamala Harris, underscored our ethnic issue saying, “There is no vaccine for racism. We have got to put in the work.”

The strife created by many guilty perpetrators tried to undermine the peaceful divide in this country but thankfully, they were unsuccessful and when the new President was declared the winner and sworn in, there was no disturbance and, violence did not materialise in the streets as the instigators were hoping. Guyanese have learnt a lesson and are unprepared to revisit the past and indulge in irresponsible behaviour. This generation is more mature and sober and cannot be easily fooled. Those bygone days are shelved and Guyanese are more united and will not replay the race match that translates to violence and animosity. The new breed of political leaders has to be cognisant of this sensitive issue and never again “try a thing” because the “slo fiya, mo fiya” will only boomerang.

Hillary Clinton’s speech was on the money, this can’t be another “woulda, coulda, shoulda” thought to entertain that can impede the relationship of Guyanese and the progress of this nation. Guyana was snatched from the mouth of “Jaws” just in time and democracy was given a new life. Bernie Sanders hit the nail on the head, synchronising America and Guyana when he commented, “During this President’s term, the unthinkable has become normal, I and my family and many of yours know the insidious way authoritarianism destroys democracy, decency and humanity.”

Under the PPP/C mantle-ship, society will be allowed to function with the decency of humanity and freedom and equality will not be questionable. With this youthful generation in Parliament, this concept becomes necessary for the admonishment of the First Lady and so, there is no choice for the President but to endorse. The Presidential family is grounded in a deep-seated culture that permeates around decency and dignity and will be the guiding example for the rest of the nation.

To supplement America and Guyana’s comparisons, John Kasich, who alluded that even though he is “proud” of his Republican heritage, Trump is a leader who “belies those principles.” “I’m a lifelong Republican, but that attachment holds second place to my responsibility to my country. It’s a matter of conscience.” After holding this nation at duress for five months and wanting power illegitimately as the ransom, Guyanese from all walks of the electorate saw the true nature of the APNU/AFC and, like the NCM, it was a conscience call that motivated many of the coalition supporters to become critical of them and switched side to uphold truth and defend democracy.
The APNU/AFC has an uphill task and restless nights for the next five years to retain the confidence of their supporters.

Jai Lall

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