Thanks Dominic

Thanks Dominic

Dear Editor,

Over the past few days as the post-elections shenanigans played out with Gecom officials  ostensibly in collusion or with the tacit approval of APNU+AFC officials in a blatant attempt to “rig” or falsify  elections results, the thought that pervaded my thinking was why is it that no one from the APNU+AFC coalition was willing to stand up and say what was playing out is wrong and illegal.

My sense is that their thinking was don’t rock the boat we will all benefit handsomely from another victory for our party with more perks of office as the oil money starts to roll in and that in future we will be like royalty in Guyana.

I thought of names like Rupert Roopnaraine, Clive Thomas, David Hinds, Khemraj Ramjattan, Raphael Trotman and Moses Nagamootoo as upstanding and decent citizens who would not associate their names with clear wrongdoing as Gecom officials set about on their crude modus operandi to  ensure that the incumbents return to office. Alas they were all quiet and feigning dumbness, deafness and even blindness!

My faith  in humanity was somewhat restored when Mr. Dominic Gaskin former cabinet Minister in the current Government and son–in–law of President Granger issued a recent statement effectively stating his serious reservations about the process and results being declared by the Returning Officer showing victory for APNU+AFC in Region 4 which is out of line with information possessed by other contesting parties and independent observers.  Editor, I think  Guyanese need to be loyal to Guyana and adhere to her Constitution and not to our political masters who in most cases have very narrow objectives.

May independent thinkers proliferate in our Dear Land of Guyana.

Thanks Dominic, many times the truthful path is a lonely one.

Yours faithfully,

C. Persaud

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