Superbet says it has no political affiliation

Superbet says it has no political affiliation

The management of Guiana Holding Inc. marketed under the brand Superbet in a statement made it clear that it has no affiliation with any political party. This disclosure, according to the company, was triggered by recent activities and social media posts.

In clearing the air on this matter, Superbet said that it saw the need to inform the public that:
1. Time off was not given to employees based on race or political preferences;
2. Employees are free to choose their political preference and are guaranteed to have no discrimination based on their choices from Superbet;
3. The management nor its employees encourage the practice of racism nor hurled racial slang at either its employees or customers in the past or during this election season; and
4. The company has not threatened any employee with dismissal nor any form of sanctions due to their political affiliation.

In fact, Superbet said that it promotes and practices fair hiring practices, which is evident in its staff population.
“We implore our employees, customers and the general public to refrain from sharing incorrect information and to make contact with the relevant bodies for clarity where required,” said the company which added that “Superbet stands with all Guyanese as One People, One Nation, One Destiny.”

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