Strenuous and urgent efforts have to be made for shared governance

Strenuous and urgent efforts have to be made for shared governance

Dear Editor,

I would like to suggest some reform of the system of government in Guyana which I believe can produce a permanent solution to the problems which we have been encountering among the major parties, which keep increasing with no sign of improvement in our governance, and which is continually maintaining this culture of division among our people, especially at times when we have to elect a new set of persons to administer our affairs.

I had previously held the opinion that shared governance was not the answer in this regard, but have now rethought this and would like to propose that, no matter the outcome of the present impasse related to elections, strenuous and urgent efforts be made to devise some revision of the constitution of our nation to accommodate this method.  I expect that this would entail much effort and some amount of time, but feel that it would be well worth it when the result would be the only fair and effective solution to our ongoing deadlock in this horrible situation where the membership of the main political parties is basically divided along racial lines.

I am first of all proposing that a task force be formed to include all the various sections of government and community, and given the power, the responsibility and the resources to perform this essential mission of formulating a system by

which, no matter which political party holds the majority, all should have a real say in government.

One of the present stipulations of the Constitution that needs to be urgently addressed is the term that is used to describe the minority party in Parliament, i.e. the Opposition.  I have always proposed that this term be changed to one that suggests that this party be a partner rather that an adversary in the management of our affairs.  I expect that the task force would consider this as one of the main topics to be attended to, so as to afford each party a continuous and meaningful bipartisan input in the management of our affairs.

To further support my recommendation for the initiation  of a system of shared governance, I firmly believe that this “Winner take All” policy is responsible for the seemingly desperate efforts to subvert the results of the recent elections, as we witness many persons who are thought to be otherwise reasonable and patriotic making ridiculous statements in pursuit of reelection, and I suggest that this is simply because they are afraid that their interests will not be served if the other main party captures the majority in Parliament.  This stand will also be taken by the members of any losing party, which can escalate to unrest, or at least lack of cooperation with the government of the day.

I am also making a request at this time for your support of any movement towards the recommendation in this letter.

Yours faithfully,

Roy Paul

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