Strange thing about Guyana’s politics

Strange thing about Guyana’s politics

Dear Editor,
The strange thing about Guyana’s politics is that it is not strange at all.
You may ask the question: “Why?”, and the answer to that question is that there is no strangeness, no anomaly whatsoever, when you view our politics, both past and present.
What is clear is that one political party is trying its utmost to bully its way around, while at the same time expecting everyone to accept it unquestioningly. It is an old Burnhamite principle upheld by that party that you lie, cheat, steal, and bludgeon your way through; and expect the wider community to accept your actions.
Well, I have news for that party: That is not going to happen under any circumstance. The international community is not going to allow that to happen.

So, let us examine the present impasse: Elections were held on March 2, 2020, and the results are that there was a clear winner in the PPP/C. This fact was highlighted in the SOPs of the day, which showed unquestioningly the PPP/C being the winner.
However, the APNU/AFC had other plans; they were not prepared to relinquish office. Helped by a corrupt and compromised RO in Mingo, they decided to depart from the established figures given on the SOPs and resort to a substitution of figures of their own, which landed a win for the PNC. It was only quick action by the PPP/C which saw this rigging plan thwarted.

As a summary to this sordid affair, the GECOM Chairwoman agreed to a Recount. It was at this point that the PNC operatives commenced this campaign fraud talk. The Coalition went into that Recount exercise with the expressed intention of bringing the Recount of the votes into disrepute, shouting fraud at every available opportunity like the proverbial saying that those who shout thief the loudest are themselves the thieves. This is the position of the PNC-led Coalition.

However, shouting fraud did not change a thing, because the recounted SORs were carbon copies of the original SOPs, and that is all that matters.
Surprisingly enough, from those very same “fraudulent votes”, they have managed to eke out a win for themselves; so, who determines which votes are fraudulent and which are not? Are we to accept the voodoo figures of Mingo and Lowenfield and, like dumb sheep, ask no questions? Or are we going to stick to the beaten path of the established Recount? Which is it? I know that all civilised communities choose their governments on votes, and nothing else. Why should Guyana be an exception? Wasn’t it that same system that brought the PNC-led Coalition into office in 2015?

What’s the problem now? Apparently, the PNC thinks all Guyanese, and even members of the wider world community, are fools, but like I said before: no one is buying into that foolishness. So, here we are, 143 days on, and the PNC are still setting up roadblocks in a vain attempt to hinder the will of the people of this country. They certainly will not succeed, and so their plans to stay in office illegally are doomed.
Soon, and very soon, the declaration will come, and all the parties – especially the PNC – will have to abide by it. Long live democracy!

Neil Adams

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