Stop using our judicial system to cling to power

Stop using our judicial system to cling to power

Dear Editor,
It has been more than a year since our beloved country has been in a political turmoil, all because of one political party’s greed and lust for power.
It is now clear that the “caretaker “government APNU+AFC has been using our Judicial system to cling to power; first, by challenging the validity of the No Confidence Motion (NCM) using our Judicial system, which took months to be done with.

And in the end, it all benefited and brought more time for the current “caretaker” government to cling to power.
Secondly, the Ulita Moore injunction that blocked the recount process was another tactic the current “caretaker” government APNU+AFC supporter used to delay the election process from coming to an end. Again, in the end, all of this “drama” has benefited the “caretaker” government APNU/AFC in helping them to cling to power.

And when we thought it was coming to an end, the Eslyn David “drama” came up. This litigation brought by the APNU+AFC supporter has again helped in the prolonging of the elections results from being declared. And again, this has helped in keeping the “caretaker” APNU+AFC government in power.

It is now evident that the “caretaker” government APNU+AFC has been using our Judicial system, and will do anything to cling to power for as long as it takes. As a citizen by birth in this country that I so love, I call on the current interim president to concede and step down, for the entire world is seeing this for what it is: a blatant attempt to “thief an election”.

Yours truly,
Randy Da Silva

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