Some clarifications

Some clarifications

Dear Editor,

We hasten to make five clarifications regarding our recent statement.
1. We responded to a request from people of a younger generation who were appalled by the outbreak of violence in a few places, and the fatal shooting of a young citizen in one location.
2. The formula set out in our statement as a tool of reconciliation is only one of several possible approaches.
3. Our statement named only the two major political parties, but there are many other constituencies including the indigenous people.
4. We responded positively because we have both dealt with the race issue for decades, at first on opposite sides of the divide, but from the early 1970s with a common purpose.
5. We make it clear that we do not propose any avoidance of the work of the courts in their function of judicial review as they find and accept jurisdiction. Therefore, it would be premature or impertinent for anyone to make a declaration as to the winners of the elections.

EusiKwayana and
Moses Bhagwan

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