Some candidates repel rather than attract voters

Some candidates repel rather than attract voters

Dear Editor,

The electoral race is officially on as of last Friday. It is too early to say what the odds are for each of the two major parties and of the minor parties to win seats. But voters find several of the candidates for President and other offices as repulsive. They are repellants. Voters can’t bring themselves to vote for them.

It is curious why they are on a party list. The leaders of parties and/or the candidates themselves would have known voters reject them. In a first past the post system, they would be defeated by miles. Bharrat Jagdeo (although not a Presidential candidate) and David Granger, remain by far the most attractive political faces for voters. They are the vote-catchers for their respective parties. It would be a battle royale to see who pulls more voters.

Several candidates, not only those seeking the Presidency, but also some of those seeking to return to parliament or serving as Regional Councillors, repel voters. They should stay far away from voters if they want to help their parties.
What I found from an ongoing survey thru last week is that some 10% of the voters who normally vote for their tribal party say they will not vote because of candidates’ selection (choice). That would make for an interesting electoral outcome if such position prevails thru polling day on March 2.

Some minor parties have very good people but are not attracting significant support. They have to do more to earn the support of the voters.

Yours truly
Vishnu Bisram


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