Sixty-one death certificates provided for persons for whom votes were cast

Sixty-one death certificates provided for persons for whom votes were cast

Dear Editor,

I find no comfort in discourse in the Letters` Column since it is often used to personalize issues as well as to spew dogma and subjectively pontificate. How-ever, for the records and those who are disposed to hearing what others have to say, it occurred to me that I should make the following facts public.

I listened to the Press Conference of the American Ambassador. When asked about the fraud uncovered during the Recount, she referenced the CARICOM report. That report indicated that there was no evidence of fraud. Prime Minister Mottley also relied on that element of the report in her statement on the matter.

In a meeting at GECOM on July 13, I referenced the evidence pertaining to the dead for whom votes were cast. A PPP/C-nominated commissioner retorted that there was no such evidence. The Chair-person responded that GECOM was in receipt of death certificates for persons for whom votes were cast.

In an earlier submission to the Com-mission: The Case for Non-Declaration, I indicated that at least 61 death certificates were availed to GECOM, during the Recount, of dead persons for whom votes were cast. I also opined that this information must have been withheld from the CARICOM observers for them to have reported that there were allegations of dead voters but no evidence.

There is a song sheet out there that reminds me of the Weapons of Mass Destruction that were the reason for the invasion of Iraq. Alas, no such weapons were found nor evidence of their existence. But regime change was achieved; thousands killed and Iraq is yet to return to stability and civility.

Yours faithfully,

Vincent Alexander

GECOM Commissioner

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