Self-sabotaging of performance in public office

Self-sabotaging of performance in public office

Dear Editor,

I have read with interest the severance of contracts of high profile bureaucrats, one or two with long lists of academic achievements and prior professional work experience.
As reported, it appears that in the line of duty, decision(s) were conducted or overlooked which had an enormous negative trickle-down effect in other areas. Still, maybe individuals deliberately turned a blind eye to certain activities, or were oblivious of certain activities occurring on their watch.
Talk is cheap, but solid accomplishments are what matter. However, in the real world that we live in today; what sticks and what gets individuals dismissed or fired and even voluntary resignations – from CEO’s of small and large organizations to mid-level employees – is just one act, bad decision or inaction. It just takes one occurrence in many cases.

I have lost count of the many high-powered CEOs and sterling mid-level employees of different organizations, in government and in the corporate world who have had to take the exit door, because of just one wrong act. Sorry, but this is the world that we live in. Bad decisions and inactions have consequences.
In well-run organizations, regardless of their location, effective bosses have absolutely no time for excuses or disastrous decisions or indecisions, made by any employee lower down the chain, no matter an individual’s prior accomplishments. They would prefer individuals who can get things done like a well-oiled machine.

Without rehashing the key actions taken or not taken, proper decisions not made, items overlooked; as written in the print media, as it relates to these high-profile bureaucrats, I have noticed not one of the bureaucrats has directly or specifically clearly addressed these issues. Not a single one. That alone speaks volumes. Comments of defiance, is a side issue. Why wait for a court appearance?
Self-sabotaging one’s career in public office is self-inflicted and has nothing to do with the rest of the population.

Take Facebook- never been a fan: but we should remember that the young founder, Mark Zuckerberg- a billionaire several times over, dropped out of the elite of elite universities in the United States – Harvard University. To put things in perspective, he does not even have a bachelor’s degree.
I can’t picture one of the richest men in the universe, without a degree, putting up with work sloppiness of any kind within his global organization, regardless of the person’s race. Most likely; one reckless slip, depending on the gravity of the situation and you’re asked to gather your personal items from your office and leave – the same day. This is the world of today.

Chi Kansi

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