Saul was simply the best candidate

Saul was simply the best candidate

Dear Editor,

I learnt with disbelief, that the Chief Executive Officer of CH&PA received marching orders, by way of a letter signed by the Minister of Housing, Hon. Collin Croal.

I have decades of experience in the political and administrative arenas of Guyana and find such an approach at best unusual, if not, improper.

Mr. Saul was identified by the then CH&PA Board as the best candidate among those who had responded to the vacancy advertisement sometime in 2017.

To the best of my knowledge, a sub-committee of the Board examined and interviewed prospective candidates for the post of CEO.

The Board at that time consisted of representatives of the two major political parties, the municipalities and civil society.

The recommendation of the Board as a formality, was sent to the Minister for his approval.

I can state without fear of contradiction that Saul’s appointment had absolutely nothing to do with his politics, his race or his religion.

He was simply the best candidate.

The protocol, as I understand it, should be for the Board to consider whether his services should be retained or not.

Something seems to be wrong, very wrong, in the State of ‘Denmark.’

In spite of the different views about the election results, I publicly express good wishes to the President and Government, hoping that together we can find a path to unity, peace, predicated on good governance and justice meted out to every citizen.

As one who has been in the political hustings since 1953, I fully appreciate the need for a Government to have in place senior decision-making officers, with whom they are comfortable and who will faithfully carry out the wishes of the sitting Government.

However, when a Minister seems to unilaterally assume the role of a designated authority, in this case the (CHPA), something is very wrong.

I am copying this letter to Vice-President Jadgeo, who is not only experienced, but the most seasoned and astute political gladiator, as such I am sure, he will give his subordinates good guidance, confident he shares our desire to preserve the sanctity of our nation state.

We must seek to help the political neophytes on both sides of our political divide.

Yours faithfully,

Hamilton Green

Former Chairman


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