Results trickle in as GECOM continues to process info from polling places

Results trickle in as GECOM continues to process info from polling places

The Guyana Elections Commission has announced that it has processed information from 139 of the 2,339 polling places across the country.

Preliminary Results
Preliminary Results

From the information processed so far, votes won by the contesting political parties have begun to trickle in.

Polling Stations Processed

For Region One, GECOM has processed data from 12 of the 99 polling places.

For Region Two, GECOM processed information from 17 of the 135 polling places.

For Region Three, GECOM processed information from 11 of the 355 polling places.

For Region Four, the Elections Commission looked at 58 of the 879 polling places.

For Region Five, no data has been processed as yet.

For Region Six, data from 18 of the 378 polling places were processed.

For Region Seven, no data was processed.

For Region Eight, GECOM processed information from 9 of the 55 polling places.

For Region Nine, GECOM processed 11 of the 73 polling places.

And, for Region Ten, GECOM processed 3 of the 125 polling places.

Results Processed

From the data processed, the results so far so that for Region One, the APNU/AFC has garnered 893 votes while the PPP/C has 1,345.

For Region Two, the APNU/AFC has 1,123 while the PPP/C received 4,112.

For Region Three, the APNU/AFC received 500 while the PPP/C got 1,539.

For Region Four, the APNU/AFC garnered 12,681 while the PPP/C received 972.

For Region Six, the APNU/AFC received 1,897 while the PPP/C got 1,662.

For Region Eight, the APNU/AFC received 786 while the PPP/C has 188.

For Region Nine, the APNU/AFC got 1,059 while the PPP/C received 1,144.

For Region Ten, the APNU/AFC got 196 while the PPP/C received 70.

In total so far, the APNU/AFC has received 19,135 votes while the PPP/C received 11,032.

The other political parties received votes as follows:

ANUG – 119
CG – 107
LJP – 105
TCI – 46
PRP – 40
URP – 28
TNM – 6
FUP – 3
OVP – 0

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