Response to Hamilton Green’s Latin

Response to Hamilton Green’s Latin

Dear Editor,
I admit to not being either a religious person or a Latin scholar, but I know enough of the various religious tenets to recall that one book recommends that “if the eye (and indeed other body parts) gives you problems, pluck it out”.
I belief another proclaims that if someone is caught and found guilty of thieving, the hand that did the thieving must be severed. There is a comment made frequently in some circles: that many ministers of this Government, and now GECOM, would be walking around without hands, were this tenet to be included in the Laws of Guyana.

My concentration is, however, now on Hamilton Greene’s admission — in Latin to further confuse, no! to deceive, the Guyanese people — with something to do with his “tongue”. My response to him is, “Interficiam de Lingua vestra”: Pluck out the offending organ, you relic!
I would also suggest that your brain is addled and remains stuck in those days when you held the Guyanese people by their throats with the concurrence of your ultimate leada, de kabaka. Those days are no longer here, you bully. The world has moved on, but obviously you are stuck in that period.

Do you think people would ever forget those days when you and others strutted around as if you owned this land? Do you think that people would ever forget the elections in 1992, after the return of Democracy, and the PPP/C won the elections, your urgings for the Executive not to relinquish power?
Dis time na lang, you reject!

I can describe you in many more words befitting your character, but wouldn’t waste more time on you; except to say that the world has moved on and wouldn’t tolerate the flouting of Constitutions, denying people’s will to elect a government of their choice; nor would the world tolerate your brother, DAG, and his clique squatting in Government for much longer.
To possibly make some amends to the people of Guyana, you can return the pension you are receiving, which the many Guyanese would always believe to be absolutely undeserving.

H N Nawbatt

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