Respected First Lady must convince husband to do honourable thing

Respected First Lady must convince husband to do honourable thing

Dear Editor,
First Lady Sandra Granger must break her silence over treacherous attempts to subvert the true outcome of the election. People — including members of her extended family, friends, relatives, and churchgoers — are suffering, experiencing emotional and mental torture as a result of the electoral fraud and failure to have the right government in place.

Lady Sandra can, and must, bring an end to the suffering of the nation. Her son-in-law Hans Dominick Gaskin spoke against the fraud. Behind every good, strong man, is a more courageous and better woman. Gaskin must have been goaded by his beautiful wife Afuwa in speaking out against the fraud that was perpetrated by GECOM even though she recognizes that her father would be a beneficiary of the fraud. Lady Sandra needs to follow suit.
Lady Sandra and Afuwa are God-fearing people, and are very protective of the Granger family reputation of decency and speaking the truth. For them, reputation is gold.

I have known the Chan-A-Sue family from Region 1 for many years; they are a brilliant, outstanding family. Sandra is a family friend. I always admire her beauty, poise and grace, and the pride they have had in honour in the family. All of this stands to go down the drain as a result of an attempted power grab by those mis-advising her husband.

The bold face attempt to ‘thief’ an election is destroying the reputation of the family. People have begun to question whether this is the Sandra they knew from church. She is standing by while nefarious characters and thugs are manipulating her good husband who wants to do the right thing. She must put a stop to them by advising her husband to end the shenanigans in court and in GECOM.

For the period she has served in public life, Lady Sandra has come across as a compassionate, decent, fair-minded woman. She was widely viewed as a humanitarian. People of all ethnicities and across the political divide admire her. She has tremendous standing in the party. She outshone all the Ministers. Her husband was also touted for his honesty and decency as an outstanding family man. The coalition Government Ministers and functionaries were viewed as the most corrupt in Guyana’s history. The coalition Government performed well in the election because of the trust people had in the David-and-Sandra-Granger team. The performance of the party is credited to them and not those tainted characters in the coalition.

As happened after the November 2011 elections, when Ms. Sandra Granger urged her husband David (as defeated APNU Presidential candidate) to put an end to the APNU organized street disturbances that were affecting normalcy, Lady Sandra must now take the high road and advise her husband to instruct his comrades to put an end to the electoral fraud being perpetrated at GECOM. She must make it clear she and her family will not be party to any illegitimate power grab. She must advise him that he has a moral responsibility to allow democracy to prevail, and allow the country to return to normalcy.

As an outstanding role model and a church-going woman, Lady Sandra knows that good will prevail over evil. The delay tactics of her husband’s evil comrades will not change the outcome. The world community has signalled it will not accept fraud.

The morality of the respected Granger family must be upheld. Lady Sandra must not allow the Granger reputation to be destroyed by an attempted power grab at this age of the couple’s lives. Their children, grandchildren and other progenitors will have to carry that heavy burden.

By speaking out against the fraud at GECOM, and advising her husband to allow a real authentic vote or SOP count, Lady Sandra will go down in history as one of the most important contributors to democracy in Guyana. In your usual compassionate way, advise your husband to do the honorable thing!

Yours truly,
Name withheld

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