Region Four Returning Officer abruptly suspended verification of poll statements

Region Four Returning Officer abruptly suspended verification of poll statements

Dear Editor,

At or about 7:30 pm last evening, I obtained from the Returning Officer of Electoral District No. 4, Clairmont Mingo, at Ashmin’s Building, Hadfield and High streets, Georgetown, a commitment that the process of verification of the Statements of Poll (SOPs) currently ongoing, will continue uninterrupted until its conclusion.

This commitment came as a result of a specific inquiry which I made loudly and clearly in the hearing and presence of every person in the room, including, the representatives of the various political parties and the international observers whom were present.

Within less than an hour, the said RO abruptly adjourned the exercise until 9:00am today  claiming “tiredness”.

This Returning Officer cannot be oblivious to the urgency which is attached to the conclusion of this exercise. Almost all of the other regions across the country which are affected by various factors, such as distance, rough physical terrain and other logistics in respect of transmission of the SOPs have concluded this very exercise.

Yet District No. 4, where almost all of the SOPs are in, the exercise is yet to complete.

The Returning Officer must also be aware of the unnecessary tension which this sloth in the official declaration of the elections results is causing. Yet, rather than expedite, he chooses to delay even further!

I cannot help but think that there is a sinister motive at work! This attempt to delay is deliberate!

Is there is plan to wait out the observers so as to execute some illicit design?

What do you think?

Yours faithfully,

Anil Nandlall

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